Thank you, Tieghmaster!

And, lo, the first week of Tie Week Month comes to a close. Mad Men Tie Week is in the books, and I’m planning for Blue Tie Week next week. I may have set Ugly Tie Week for next week, but I think I’d like to lead up to Tie No. 100 (scheduled for Aug. 9) with some nice ties. And, so, Blue Tie Week it shall be.

My Tie du Jour will have to go unnamed, as it no longer has a label. It has diamond-shapes floating on a dark blue field with smoky, gray lines all over. This tie, like several of these thinnies this week, looks much better in person, but my flashless camera doesn’t really bring out the best in dark blue ties (so, by all means, dumbass, have a Blue Tie Week). And, as it is Friday, that makes this baby the Friday Freebie, so comment away and win a thin, label-less tie. Impress your friends!

Did you just lick my neck?

So, as we celebrate the end of a celebration of 60s ties, we can revisit the sad, sad 70s, and the fashion of Britain! Once more, titters abound as the cheese is passed ’round. I am quite glad that there is a bright red tie tucked into that bright red button-up sweater vest, because it gave me reason to include this SAH-WEET cable-knit, button-up, BELTED (oh, yes, nothing says, “unbelt my sweater vest, baby” quite like, well, a belted sweater vest) sweater vest.

Ok, so I have a few things to do next week to get ready for my 100th Tie ChariTIES Celebration. I’d like to get some sort of coupon from a place that sells ties, so that I can give something out with a donation. That’s my Saturday task. I should also start tying some ties so that I can loan them out to folks who want to be GW(T)T—Guys With (Temporary) Ties or, of course, Girls With (Temporary) Ties.

Well, thanks for reading.


One Response to “Thank you, Tieghmaster!”

  1. Sara Wade Says:

    I have a bowtie at the ready.

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