That’s about the ties of it…

Just like the high temperature today, we are in the 90s. Home stretch time for getting to Tie No. 100. That was, what, March 16?

Well, I have decided on a couple of things, which will of course be subject to change. ‘100th Tie Week’ will kick off on Monday, August 9 and will coincide with Purple Tie Week. I will be raising money in a couple of ways. I’m going to try to get 100 pictures of PWT–I’ll say what that means in a minute–per week. Or per day. Or for the rest of August. Whatever, I just don’t know how many I can get. I can go to the train stations in the morning, and try to get some. I’ll walk around with a sampling of some of my (pre-tied, of course) worn ties, and will ask folks I know (and those I don’t) if I can snap their picture in one of the ties. I’ll ask for a small donation, like a buck.

TIES for ChariTIES.

I could donate half the proceeds to the Salvation Army, since I’ve gotten such great stuff there for over a decade. For the other half, the proceeds will go to help pay my tuition so that I can attend the Leadership Evanston program with the Evanston Community Foundation. Any other suggestions are more than welcome, even if said suggestion suggests that I should use it to pay the Leadership Evanston tuition.

Also, I thought that if anyone wanted, they could pledge a certain amount for how many PWT (Philanthopists With Ties!) photos I posted during a certain day or week or whatnot. Just say, “I’ll give a dime for every PWT pic you take this week” or something to that effect, and I’ll get out the handy-dandy calculator.

So, my Tie du Jour, on this, the 2nd day of Mad Men Tie Week, which is the 1st week of Tie Week Month is a good one. The tag says Bruno – Zurich. I’m afraid to google ‘Bruno tie’ because it may take me to some Sacha Baron Cohen porn site from his last movie. A very cool thing about this tie is that it’s a square-ended tie. Of course I didn’t put that in the picture, but if you pretend the bottom of the picture is the end of the tie, you get the drift.

The original picture doesn’t do it justice, so I slipped this one in so that you could see the detail of the blues. Pretty trippy, not that I’d know.

Hmm, I guess that’s it…no guys with ties today. I guess I’d better practice…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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