Tie it, you’ll like it!

We interrupt this tie blog to bring you an evening of gin-and-tonics on the porch of Paul [last name withheld to protect the drinkmaker] last night, along with the requisite recovery period. Perfect summer activity, really. No regrets.

My Tie du Yesterday was an interesting pick-up, from (methinks) the Hadassah House Resale Shop on Dempster in Skokie. This particular hue of red caught my eye, and I kinda liked the rope pattern, too. The brand is Envoy, which has not survived long enough to be on Google. The TdY seems like it could have been in the red-power-tie collection of someone who follows the power tie color of the day. It complemented my red-wavy-pinstriped Gene Meyer shirt, which is unfortunately seeing its last days. Seems to have lost its shape, oddly enough, as if the buttons don’t jive up with the button holes (and, no, I did NOT mis-button or miss a button).

We had some follow-up from Eric Schneider, who borrowed a couple of ties a couple of weeks ago. He had not worn a tie in over ten years, and went to a wedding. His son Levi (who looks SHARP as heck in his summer suit) and he are now the inaugural members of DSWT (Dads & Sons With Ties), a subset of GWT.

I received a very cool New York Times pictorial from my folks, entitled Unwilted. This link will take you to a sort of video montage put together by NYT’s Bill Cunningham. Some more great summer looks in here, replete with ties, of course.

Here’s another link to a former 100 Days, 100 Ties pictorial alum, Brandon Bowers of Astor & Black. He was on WGNtv recently, and here’s the piece. Brandon and good friend Billie Kershasky were the inaugural (and still only) members of GWGWT (Girls With Guys With Ties).

Very excited about the 4th Season premier of Mad Men. I’ll be choosing my mod, thin ties for the week, which may be just a 4-tie week, due to the Chamber golf outing. Unless, of course, I figure out a way to wear a tie to the course. But, on what will likely be a 90-degree day, I ‘spect I’ll be in an open-necked polo shirt of some variety.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tie it, you’ll like it!”

  1. Billie Kershasky Says:

    I have recently gotten into Mad Men and look forward to official skinny tie week. Thanks for the shout out, Brooke.

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