Watch me pull a rabbit from tie hat…Presto!

Wow, this is officially the latest I have written the blog…just haven’t been by the laptop much this weekend. And when I was, Julia had taken it over. Plus, I was procrastinating, since I wanted to watch the Mad Men season premier before writing it.

Don Draper, the main character in Mad Men, is the inspiration for this week’s MTTW (Mod Thin Tie Week), which will likely begin on Tuesday. Monday is the Chamber’s golf outing, and if I wear a tie, it won’t be a thin, Draper-esque 60’s model. Poor planning, I guess, but that’s okay.

Back to Friday…my Tie du Other Jour is a quite interesting number from Pineda Covalin, a Mexican designer. Very interesting ménagerie of designs, so the website is worth a look. Many of the designs have a name, and this one is “Stone of the Sun”, for some reason. As you can see from the closeup here, the name should perhaps be Cigar of the Bunny, or Some Sort of Lizard. Think there was some peyote going around the designer’s atelier. And I like it!

We have a new member of Guys With Ties…Zach Selch is a fellow Lincoln School parent. I mentioned him a few days ago, when I was talking about the 7-fold tie. After I guessed wrong on where he got his ties made, he corrected me via comment the other day, “Thailand, Brooke. I get my ties made in Thailand. highly recommended –”

Thanks for reading, have a nice Mod thin Tie Week…Brooke


2 Responses to “Watch me pull a rabbit from tie hat…Presto!”

  1. Paul Says:

    When can we get Bolo Tie week? And you must wear a rhinestone belt buckle at the same time.

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