Variety is the ties of life…

I realize that I have repeated myself, um, repeatedly throughout 100 Days, 100 Ties, but I think I have done a decent job presenting a bit of variety into the proceedings. I cringe at the thought of subjecting you to the same stories, and I’d simply disappear if I repeated one of the punny subjects.

My Tie du Jour has to be pretty far from a repeat, though. I’ve worn other polka-dotted ties, but this one is still pretty unique. From the Attitude line of BCBG, I got it at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, with this shirt in mind. The shirt is also BCBG-Attitude, so I’m probably not the first soul to put these together. But, I have to say that my cufflinks make it truly singular.

These are the Turkish eye beads that were taken from the bracelet that got me into Ayla’s Originals International Bead Bazaar to make some cufflinks. I thought this merited an ensemble photo.

Well, I got one new Guy With Tie this morning. I had a chance at a bunch more at our Business After Hours at Autobarn Nissan this evening, but my battery was dead. So, my GWT for the day is John Zrnich, an attorney with the firm Khuri & Zrnich in Wilmette (they used to office in Evanston).

So, on August 9, get a sitter, get a tie, and get yourself to my Flat. I’m going to have a 100th Day, 100th Tie celebration of some sort. I’ll serve, naturally, Thai food. You’ll wear, naturally, ties, or I can provide one for you.

In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can request some donations of ties from local celebs, to raise some money for charity, via an auction or somesuch. CelebriTIES for ChariTIES (I think Dr. Vince may have come up with that one a while back). My thought for the charity is the Evanston Community Foundation, a wonderful organization. Pending my interview, I will hopefully be attending their Leadership Evanston course, starting in the fall. Tuition is $1,000, and I plan to use some of the funds raised her to go to my tuition. I’m also having a bake sale, and I’m not above doing a car wash to earn my keep in LE.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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