Super-ties Me!

I am pretty sure I missed the 6-month anniversary, but I’m close enough to it that I can mention it. And I’m sorry if I’ve already held forth on this topic; I hate when I repeat myself. Also, I hate when I repeat myself.

So, all possible brain-farting aside, there’s a somewhat new Evanston burger place (8-10 months old, mebbe) called Edzo’s. They make really good burgers, and really GREAT fries. Like Tony the freakin’ Tiger GRReat. All kinds: truffle fries, old fries (double fried), garlic fries, angry fries, buffalo fries…you name it. Anyweigh, in January I was eating there, thoroughly enjoying a burger/fries combo, and I must say I left satiated. That night, we went to dinner at The Bagel, at Old Orchard, and I ordered a sandwich with chips on the side (that’s crisps for you Brits). They brought fries. Instead of sending them back, I ate them anyway, and they were quite yummy as well.

So, next day, I felt a little, well, sluggish. Not heart-attacky sluggish, but some sort of well-shit-man-guess-what?-that’s-what-happens-when-you-eat-potatoes-and-oil-in-relatively-great-quantities-over-a-24-hour-period sluggish. So, I said to myself (probably silently, but the Afterschool Special version will have me say it out loud, in the rain, or something), “Self, no more fries…FOR THE YEAR!”

Here we are, just over 6 months past that self-quote, and I have not eaten, tasted, licked, ingested, inhaled, smoked nor snorted a french fry…Why did I not say 3 months, I ask that same self?

I know, first I go all soccer on you during the World Cup, and now I slip in the 100 Days, 100 Fries crap. Sorry, but I actually stared down some Edzo’s fries today. It was tough. That is definitely where I’ll go next January.

Back to ties, and my Tie du Jour. The picture today is crap, as this beautiful tie is a dark, dark green (kinda like Tie No. 2 or 3, the cotton-boll one…you’d think I’d learn) and yet it looks black. It’s from Daniel di Milano, and I’m a big fan of their quality. Yeah, Brooke, they’re so quality-rich that you found them all at TJ Maxx. Either way, Cynical Conscience, they tie well and they look good. Except in an iPhone photo.

So, I’ve gotten some feedback on what to do on Day 100, and I’ll be ready to share that by the end of the week. It will be charity-related, and the beneficiary will be the Evanston CommuniTIE Foundation. I also had a great suggestion for the last Tie Week of Tie Week Month. It’s definitely the leader in the clubhouse, and I’ll reveal it also by the end of the week. Keep the suggestions coming.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Super-ties Me!”

  1. Paul Says:

    Fry the 100th tie and eat it instead of taters. Or just eat tater tots.

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