Token white tie…

I’ll get to the Tie du Jour, and then I have a few things, logistically, to get out about 100 Days, 100 Ties.

My TdJ is from Thomas J. Pink, or just Pink as the label is commonly known. They are best known for their shirts–high-quality, pure colors with great patterns usually–but their ties and other accessories are fantastic, too. Pricy, too. Diane bought me this tie a while back, at one of their shops in London (perhaps at Heathrow), before I was wearing them with regularity.

The photo makes it look more silver than it is, but it’s not much of a stretch. It’s definitely one of the “shinier” whites you’ll see. The great thing is that it goes with a bunch of shirts that I like to wear; shirts with a little oomph and texture to them. And the quality is top notch–there’s a lot of fabric folded in there to make this tie. Makes for a great knot…no slippage and the crease keeps its shape perfectly.

A good buddy, Zach Selch, who travels the world extensively, informed me that there is something called a seven-fold tie, where the tie is created by folding a piece of fabric (duh) into 7 folds. He tried to get me to use his tailor (was it in Hong Kong, Z?) but I couldn’t come up with the hundo for a bespoke tie. One day…

Now, I’m getting quite antsy on my repeated pledges and heralds and announcements of upcoming such-and-such tie weeks. Well, starting next Monday, it’s going to be a month’s worth of tie weeks. I’ll call it Tie Week Month (so creative, don’t you agree?), and it’ll go until the end of August.

Here’s the schedule…mark your calendars.

July 26-30…Mad Men Tie Week – thin is IN, baby! I’ll wear thin ties, and simple pocket squares, à la Don Draper. I will not, however, smoke, drink (at work, at least), change my identity or have an affair with a plenitude of 60s NYC hotties. Time travel is not in the 100D100T budget.

Aug 2-6…Blue Tie Week. A week not only of blue ties, but puns centered around the word ‘blue’! Can blue dig it? Everybody was Kung-Blu Fighting!

Aug 9-13…Purple Tie Week. Sticking with the color scheme theme. This will likely be a special week, as Tie No. 100 is slated for this Monday. May need to have a party that night. Ties NOT optional. I have some good purple ties to bust out, one in particular that is truly worthy of the century mark (can’t spell “centuries”, right?).

Aug 16-20…Ugly Tie Week. I have more than a week’s worth of ugly ties, so I could either have a UTF (Ugly Tie Fortnight, which would drive me batshit) or my latest thought was to bring along a spare tie. That way, when someone says, “Wow, that really is a freakin’ ugly tie”, I can remove it and replace it with one even uglier.

Aug 23-27…TBD Tie Week. You didn’t really think I could come up with another one, did you? I need to hedge my bets that I’ll come up with something even funnier for the end of Tie Week Month. Your suggestions are most welcome.

So, that’s that. I thought I had something else, but I think it may have been a preliminary discussion of the 100th Tie Fiesta (can’t spell ‘fiesta’…). Hmm, I wonder if I can get 100 Guys With Tie pix that day? If I have a tie party, I could, right? Thinking caps, please, help me out.

Thanks so much for reading. It means a lot. Brooke


2 Responses to “Token white tie…”

  1. Dan Says:

    If you have the followers and the awareness, how about turning this Fiesta into a fundraising event for a charitable cause? “Tie one on” for [insert worthy cause here]. Maybe get a really gorgeous tie, tie pin, or a gift certificate donated to use as a door prize. Get some media coverage. Just thinking that you are on a roll here…..

  2. zach Says:

    Thailand, Brooke. I get my ties made in Thailand. highly recommended –

    sorry I’ll miss your party, I’ll be down south for the day.

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