Stop me when I’m passing tie…

It has been mentioned that, when wearing my seersucker suit or jacket, “Ice Cream Man” collects the spoils in the contest “Name What Profession Brooke Resembles Now.” It’s not a very popular contest, but that right there is the hands down winner, although the horse race thing is making strides.

Today I was actually mistaken for an ice cream man! Sort of. I was attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Andy’s Frozen Custard here in downtown Evanston, and I was introduced to some folks from the Evanston YWCA, and one said, “You must be Andy?” The seersucker worked!

I am quite striped today, in my pink and royal blue Tie du Jour from Tommy Hilfiger. I actually put the tie with the striped Burberry shirt BEFORE deciding on the seersucker blazer. This outfit definitely falls into the “Do Not Adjust Your Set” category.

Speaking of Burberry, that reminds me of a resale shopping tip. I have a really nice raincoat (of the trenchcoat variety) from Brooks Brothers, that I found (of course) at a resale shop. It fits well and repels the rain, as long as I’m not out there for hours and hours. A couple of weeks, I saw a Burberry one at a (what else?) resale shop. It just oozed class and style and value. But, since I had just gotten the Brooks one, and since the cuffs were ever so slightly frayed, i didn’t get it. Frayed or not, that would have been a great purchase. Stupid, stupid, stupid. So, for some things, labels don’t mean much, but sometimes, an upgrade may be worth paying extra attention to the higher labels. Not that I would pay for the higher-cost labels (at retail, at least), but part of their value is that they usually last longer, and look better as they age. Shoes are a prime example of this…if you find a good label, keep looking for that label.

Okay, down off the box.

I have a Guy With Tie today, from very close to home. Or to work, at least. Kevin Babb, who works for Pension Specialists, the company who shares office space with the Chamber. He had this tie on for about an hour, to go see a prospect. The joys of a casually dressed office.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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