Can’t spell ‘taking sides’ without T-I-E…

I’m ecstatic that the US have gotten to the point where the general citizenry are upset when they lose a match in the World Cup. We’ve certainly come a long way from 1990, where it was simply novel to see them on the pitch against Czechoslovakia (a soul-crushing 5-1 defeat) and Italy (a surprisingly close 1-0 loss). This year, expectations rose substantially, especially as a Ghana-Uruguay path to the–GHAST–semifinal looked inviting. It was, obviously, not to be.

That said, as my allegiance to the boys in blue (and white and red) has grown, there have always been national teams that I have carried a torch for, sometimes for no apparent reason. Since I am a Chelsea fan, and watch English Premier League football the most, I followed England’s matches, frustratingly. Germany’s domestic league has fallen a little behind the Spanish, Italian and the aforementioned English leagues, but their system leads to youthful vigor that translates into powerful performances at big tournaments (like, say, the World Cup…I’m writing this within minutes of their 4-0 destruction of favored Argentina).

Despite years of dining at the internationally corporate trough of ABN AMRO (a bulbously overrated Dutch bank that was embarrassingly broken up and sold off), I have held an affinity for the Oranje, the national side of the Netherlands. Historically, they have been up there among the contenders, but never have hoisted the World Cup. They snicker amongst one another, on and off the pitch, but they can string together fantastic performances with their total voetbal concept (that you can read about in Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football, by David Winner) that seems innate.

Anyway, yesterday (I am very late on this entry) they were set to play Brazil, who’s only the most powerful football country in the world–5 World Cup titles, building a new trophy case for the 6th, yadao yadao. In my World Cup pool, however, I picked the Netherlands to get past Brazil and win the whole darn thing. My Tie du Jour was chosen in support of the Oranje, as you can see it’s all, well, orange.

I guess it worked. Well, that and my cheesy, clad-in-orange-and-white soccer picture from 1984 (or ’83 or ’85), that a former colleague said was good luck. The Netherlands scored twice in the 2nd half to overtake the Brazilians and send them packing.

And, so, this tie is up for grabs, being the Friday Freebie and all. Send in your comments…special dispensation will be given if any Dutch folks vie to win. It should be worn on Tuesday, no doubt, as they will take on Uruguay in the semifinal. I can’t wear it…nor can I fit into that 25+ year old soccer jersey.

I believe this tie may be Tie No. 75. Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “Can’t spell ‘taking sides’ without T-I-E…”

  1. Dirk den Ouden Says:

    Brooke! Much as it pains me to cut your TIE with the Orange Lions, I feel this one really does have my name written all over it. Wait, it doesn’t actually have my name written all over it, does it? You looked so handsome on Friday morning, with our soccer flag lacing your neck, I just have to go for that look! If nothing else, I’ll be wearing this tie on Tuesday and Sunday, and I promise not to smear it with cheese, beer or other treats from the Nether Land!

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