Be Good to Your Ties!

The Clawwwww…

Yes, I know I berated myself for seguéing into soccerblog territory last night, and yet I feel that I must exit my tie blog mentality, albeit temporarily, to comment on Toy Story 3. Great, great movie, a fitting ending to the whole Toy Story franchise. The genii at Pixar upped their game, not only with the 3D (barely necessary), but with the story. Sure, they stole a bit from the first two TS flicks, but people like it when they do. Moreover, they realize they’re speaking with a large amount of young adults who watched 1&2 DOZENS of times, so they didn’t hurry it through or mail it in, like some live-action Part-Three-of-Threes (I’m talking to ye, Johnny Depp and yer blasted Pirates of the Drug-Trippy Caribbean). Lastly, the only good thing about the 3D is that the glasses kept Julia from seeing that I was crying at the end. Yes, the toys all die. Horribly. Oh, spoiler alert, sorry.

Back to ties. I went kind of simple in the tie department today; a nice solid navy to go with my plaid-patterned shirt. There is some texture on this strip, as you can see in the smaller picture on the right. It brought out the blue, and with my blue suit w/pinstripes, it was all good. Its label says ‘Cognizanti’, which may be a mark under the Beau Brummel line.

The google search of Beau Brummel found some interesting history. One of the earliest ‘Dandies’ in the late 18th/early 19th centuries, Brummel claimed to take 5 hours to dress. That’s just insane. What was he doing?

What’s your favorite thing to wear? Shoes? Jeans? Cut-off shorts? Come on, let me have it, let me know what you really look forward to putting on in the morning. What do you get most excited about finding in a store? I want some dialogue here, little reminders throughout the day that you’re reading 100 Days, 100 Ties.

Well, that’s all for tonight…thanks for reading. Brooke


4 Responses to “Be Good to Your Ties!”

  1. Dan Says:

    I am reading – groggily. It’s 5:20 here.

    My favorite thing to wear is a LL Bean short sleeved seersucker shirt, but I rarely get to put that on in the morning. We just visited the LL Bean store and two of its outlets while up in Maine. Holy ground – but I don’t think I saw a single tie in any of the stores!

  2. stuart schwartz Says:

    Perhaps a nice Ascot today as tribute to TS3?

  3. Vince Roberts Says:

    I have been a distance runner for just the past 7 years, and i have to say, i don’t like the shorts…. i love ’em. Light and cut high on the sides, I rock them for miles along the lakefront. wish i could wear thOse to work!
    my second fav would be jeans.
    keep writing!

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