Tie latte, skim, extra foam

Did anyone else notice that today was the first day in the last 19 without a World Cup match? Man, I was going nuts. I doubt Hank Williams, Jr is gonna sing to me about it, but I am ready for some football! South America vs. Europe, with Ghana thrown in as a consolation prize to the host continent. Just licking my chops, awaiting Brazil-Netherlands and Germany-Argentina, especially. With the exception of Spain, you have to think the champion will come from those powerhouses.

But, this is a tie blog, so let’s get it on!

By my calculations, and with the aid of some rudimentary counting skills, I think I’m about halfway through my ties. I still enjoy telling the story, such as it is, of how I came up with the idea. It was such a quick happenstance, getting to the blog from the 30-second train of thought (how will I move my ties/how many ties do I have/I’d guess 85/I should wear one a day until I’ve worn them all/I should write about them/I should buy enough to own 100/Hey, 100 Days, 100 Ties). Then, of course, I actually counted them, and there were 115.

The Tie du Jour is Tie No. 74, methinks. It’s pretty average, looks-wise, but I think I made it work with this shirt. It’s from Lands’ End, and I can’t remember if I got it at their outlet place or if I inherited it from my Dad. No matter. I’ve worn it, and it’s served me well.

A little on wearing the striped tie over a striped shirt. One can get away with it, as long as either the shirt or tie has diagonal stripes, and you don’t really want the pattern to be too similar. No perpendicular tie-to-shirt action, or pinstripe over pinstripe. This tie could have popped off of a plain white shirt, but that’s not really me; I think it jumps out rather nicely here, with this understated striped Perry Ellis shirt.

I have a very cool Guy With Tie to share with you today. If you may recall, my cousin, Elizabeth, submitted a very heartfelt comment on behalf of her husband, Tim, vying for a Friday Freebie a few weeks back. She said the colors of the tie, blue and green, matched the colors of their wedding. Awww. Which I missed. Ack. It was a lovely sentiment, and I gladly sent it to Texas with love and C.O.D. Just kidding, I’m not a monster. Anyway, here’s Tim Brehm, sporting the FF tie in front of a painting that they commissioned to represent their floral arrangement. Best wishes to you both…I’m sorry I missed it.

Well, thanks for reading…Brooke


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