Spy vs. Tie

Or, shall I say, Uruguay vs. Netherlands. Yes, yes, I know, soccer is about to commandeer my tie blog. AGAIN. But, it’s such a good storyline, especially with the ties that have been worn and, now, given away.

The last Friday Freebie tie had an interesting weekend. It was the orange one that I wore when Netherlands played Brazil. I was accompanied by my Dutch friends Dirk den Ouden and Trudie Wierts, who were duly impressed with my good luck charm of a tie, especially since it worked. Dirk commented that he should be the one to wear the tie throughout the remainder of the tournament, and I was only glad enough to oblige. The only thing was…I had to retrieve the tie.

This is your tie on drugs

I wore it all day Friday, through happy hour and an evening out. The tie, sadly, was lost en route and did not make it home. I thought it was lost forever, but a buddy spotted it in the gutter on MONDAY evening and alerted me to its location. Posh Sheridan Road in SE Evanston was like the scene in E.T. when the boys spotted their alien buddy, expiring in the creek. A quick check showed no outward signs of abuse–tire tracks, dog teeth marks, etc–and so I delivered it to Dirk for today’s match. Hopefully, it’s good luck-ness was not tarnished by its lost weekend on the skids.

Oranje! Hup!

Sorry for the seeming favoritism here, but I am sticking with the oranje theme here, as I stand to win a World Cup betting pool (“Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, and I…never…slice”) if Holland take home the Jules Rimet trophy. This Tie du Jour is one of my faves, and it’s from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s like an electric orange, with a blue, yellow and darker orange thrown into the mix. This tie jumps out from the chestal region (my new term) and really makes itself known.

One of Tommy’s touches is to make the small end of the tie a different fabric. As you can see here, it’s just a navy blue with white polka dots, which don’t really do much except to get folks to notice, which is kind of the point of a tie, after all.

I had some tie-related correspondence over the weekend…

My friend (and longtime 100D100T contributor) Dan Murrell sent in this article, on the re-entry of bow ties into the style of the day. No pictures, alas…

And, from the Perfect Timing Department comes this emailed link from The Cordial Churchman, a blog/online store that I just started browsing. They are touting their square-end neck ties, hand-sewn by proprietor Ellie Laveer. The timing works, as I found, on my last trip to Unique Thrift Store, a square-end tie that I’ll fire up later this week. It’ll be very tough to choose only one of Ellie’s creations, when i finally get down to bidness and toss on in the old shopping cart.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Thanks so much for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Spy vs. Tie”

  1. Sara Wade Says:

    I know this tie, and I saw it crawling (humping) its crawl of shame down Sheridan, gasping a nasty sort of smoker’s cough, til it collapsed, defeated and sort of blush-y red in a sad pile outside my apartment. I almost took it to AA, but remembered that it needs to hit its own bottom, as it were.
    I’m glad it got cleaned up. It’s really a good tie -we shouldn’t judge.

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