Here’s mud in your tie!

If it felt like my previous post just went out, that’s because…well, it did! Was a little behind, but am catching up.

It’s Friday, and I was back to my mini-forgetful ways. I picked this tie without recalling that it’d be up for grabs to the best commenter, as the FFF (Featured Friday Freebie). Lucky for me, it’s not a family heirloom, at least of a family member that I like(d). Oh, who’s kidding whom, I like all my relatives. Relatively.

The Tie du Jour/Friday Freebie is a really cool vintage repp-style strip. It has nary a tag, so I can’t even poke fun at a cheesy brand name or a phony-sounding synthetic fabric (which it most certainly is). I bought it at Unique Thrift Store a couple months ago, after 100 Days, 100 Ties started. I really liked the tone of blue, as well as the olive/off-white complementary stripe. This hangs on my smaller rack (that’s what SHE said) of vintage ties, which will be part of MMTW (Mad Men Tie Week) later on in the project. The 4th season of Mad Men starts July 25. Wow, what a coincidence, one month from today! I didn’t plan it, swear…do you think my brain could actually accomplish that?

A little on the Mad Men phenomenon. I really like the show…the style, the acting, the writing, the time-specific situations. The fashions can be so simplistic, but yet so unbelievably complicated…as in, wow, how does one find a suit so singular in color, with a tie to match? Well, the color wheel was barely round back then, and folks stood out WAYYYY too much if they got away from the basic blue-or-gray suit, white shirt, dark tie. I get stared at enough for some of the tie/shirt/suit combinations, and that’s withOUT throwing in the pocket scarf (it’s a pocket square!) and tie bar and cufflinks and socks that match. These guys in the 50s and 60s were so hamstrung by convention that they went years, decades even, maintaining an abnormal norm. I like my 40 shirts, I like my 8 suits and I like my 140 ties (by the way, those numbers are all grossly understated…I have a problem).

Speaking of numbers, go count your ties. Let me know, by commenting, how many you have…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Here’s mud in your tie!”

  1. Dan Says:

    94 long ties and 53 bow ties. Needs to be reversed!

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