Fly the Friendly Ties…

I know I’ve predicted this before, but this post may be the shortest yet. I’m tired, I’m thirsty, I’m ADD-ing…and now the email from my iPhone to my gmail account won’t get delivered. Ahem. Echo-echo-echo…

That is now the sign for, let’s wait until tomorrow morning…

Have now been properly rested and sufficiently caffeinated, so let’s see how this goes.

After some technical difficulties which entailed emails from my iPhone going to some sort of limbo/purgatory, I’ve finally gotten a workable shot.

It’s from US Polo Association, which, come on, has got to be predicated on the popularity of the Ralph Lauren Polo brand. I imagine their sales figures/market value have to fall into these categories.

  • True fans of the USPA brand – 7%
  • Family members of USPA – 8%
  • People who see “POLO” on the label, check the price, and giddily figure they’re getting a bargain on some kickass Ralphie gear – 39%
  • People who see “POLO” on the label, know it’s not kickass Ralphie gear, but buy it anyway – 41%
  • People who get the product because it looks good/fills a need, and don’t care about the label – 5%

I fall into this last category, as I bought this at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, and liked the brown with the blue touches. While I certainly am usually aware of certain labels (and their relative value, in terms of finding a bargain), I truly was not label-watching in this case. So there.

Jim Nash: A great spy novel name

I found a new member of the Guys With Ties clan yesterday. Jim Nash, of Farnsworth-Hill, a real estate company HQed here in Evanston. This picture should guarantee that I’ll never be accused of being a lighting expert. Great, I made the subject stare directly into the sun, and I cut off half his face in shadow. Tie looks good, though.

And I totally forgot that my sister-in-law, Mo Kirk, sent me some pictures of RGWT (Related Guys With Ties) from a Bar Mitzvah that she and my younger brother, the strategically-named Grant Saucier.

In this first one, that’s Grant on the left, hiding his tie (is that a Liberty of London?) with his big paw whilst expounding on something to one of Mo’s brothers, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Michael Kirk (PBS’s Frontline).

In this other one, Grant & Mo are hanging with Eli (the new Bar Mitzvah) and Wolf, Mike’s sons. I guess these guys would be the charter members of WWT (Whippersnappers With Ties), although I guess Eli is a full-on GWT, due to his new status.

Thanks for reading…yep, though I was late, I was wrong about the shortness.



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  1. Dan Says:

    Just FYI, my iPhone is misbehaving after the latest “upgrade.” Gets hung up on a simple action for minutes at a time.

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