I cannot tell a tie…

As far as monumental days in American history go, today will likely not rate too high. But in terms of excitement…in terms of this particular week in this particular month…in terms of last minute soccer goals scored to put the USofA into the knockout stages of the World Cup…then YES, today will go down in its own limited scope of history. As you may know, the US scored a vital goal in the waning minutes, delivering 1st place in their World Cup group.

This morning, my tie plan was based on sporting a good luck charm that would hopefully bring our boys the result that they got. I have a couple of red, white & blue ties left in the available mix, but none particularly scream ‘America!’ with the proper fervor.

Lucky for me (and the US team), I’ve been blogging about ties for the past few months (Swear!), and folks have been giving me ties, loaning me ties, etc.

Let George Tie It

Anyway, last month a very good friend, Katherine Eiff, gave me this tie that she found at an estate sale. She apologized up and down that it was such an ugly tie; I sincerely beg to differ, as I think it’s a stunner. So, I told Kat that we’d compromise: I’ll use it to promote Ugly Tie Week, which will happen July 5-8. Unless I forget.

The Tie du Jour is from Oleg Cassini, and it is a depiction of some Revolutionary War generals (for the purpose of this blog, one of them is George Washington). One of them is George Washington. If you squint at it, it looks like the guy on the $1 bill.

Here’s a closeup that shows some more detail…I like imagining that this scene is when he was proving that he really could throw a silver dollar across the Potomac. AGAIN! Sheesh, won’t those hooligans believe him? Father of the Country aint’ all it’s cracked up to be, I guess.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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