The Tied Piper of Hamlin

This morning was good. My planning was good. No ill effects of travel, of late nights (since my daughter is down with my folks still), of forgetting to take my gingko biloba (I mean really, there’s a chicken-and-the-egg thing going on, right? Hello? Echo!). I shaved, deodorized, got dressed (underwear then pants, then do a little dance) and even remembered to take a picture! What has made me so proud is that I had a plan and rolled with it. That’s good!

This morning, this good, good morning, was our Networking Breakfast, hosted by Illinois Nut & Candy. The proprietor, David Levine, is a distinguished alumnus of GWT Univ. Their facade is very pink, very noticeable while driving past on Dempster. So, I thought that I’d honor that color scheme with my ensemble.

Paint the mother pink...

This striped strip is from DKNY, and I picked it up at Thriftgeek, which I’ve mentioned before. They are a thrift store which was open in Evanston for a year, and just recently moved down into the city. They had some fun stuff…I have several ties from there, as well as an old faux-leather (pleather, yeah!) gym bag that I use to tote all my racquetball crap.

Today’s meeting brought out a lot of Guys With Ties, and it made me realize something. Vince Roberts, a chiropractor with Reavy Rehab, has been on here, as a Guy With BOW Tie. The first GWBT, by the by. Well done, son. His 100D100T resume is getting to be quite like Paul Hletko’s…he, too, is a Friday Freebie winner, plus he gave me one of the bow ties for BTF. You, too, friendly reader, can be a winner. Just send two box-tops…

Next is Jim Pepa, a partner with Brown, Kaplan + Liss, an accounting firm Evanston. Jim’s tie is an attention-getter, and I don’t like it…I love it.

Larry Levin is a salesman at Jos. A. Bank on Sherman in downtown Evanston. He always has a big smile, and had some really cool things to say this morning at our NeBr. About me. And my tie blog. Which is nice.

Jesse Moreno of Next Level Planning Group was there, and he mentioned that he’d wear a better tie next time. I have to disagree, as I think this tie is pretty great. Um, Jesse, you can always give it to your favorite Evanston Chamber Membership Manager…

And, finally, after work, I went to [name of local establishment has been covered to protect the politician] for a [type of beverage has been covered to protect the politician]. Evanston’s 4th Ward Alderman Don Wilson showed up in his suit and tie, ready for a photo. Such a great guy…all of the GWTs are really, really cool, and I appreciate their willingness to be put on 100 Days, 100 Ties, I really do.

And, by the way, the weather, and the beer, at Nevin’s was perfect.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “The Tied Piper of Hamlin”

  1. Billie Says:

    Kicking myself for missing the breakfast this morning, but at least I showed up for the most important stuff — beer at Nevin’s.

  2. Eve Says:

    Okay, so I was at Nevins last night and did not see you. After a sticky day, the outside Nevins Rasberry Absolute Vodka hit the spot!

    I had planned on doing father’s day construcyion paper ties with the kids before school got out…hoping to make the blog, ya know. So sad we ran out of time, you would have looked great in red construction paper!

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