You’ll shoot your tie out!

A tiring day which followed a working weekend which came on the heels of a hard-chargin’ fortnight…good thing my 41-year old (feels like 42 or 43) body can take it. Yeah, right.

I spent a lot of my day today edging up to the precipice of buying a used car, then finally backed away when it just didn’t feel right. I need to feel like I’m in the perfect situation, so I think I’m going to be a minivan-man for a few more months. [The following should be read using the voice of The Price Is Right‘s Johnny Olson] Low mileage! Remote control sliding doors! CD/DVD with broken cassette! 7 years of dings & scratches on the inside, crumbs and gum wrappers on the out! It’s an…an OLD CAR! You’re the next contestant…

Onward. This past weekend was the Chamber’s Fountain Square Art Festival…two days walking the street (insert hookin’ joke here) was fairly brutal, but it was a great time seeing people. A lot of artists left happy, as the crowd was seemingly in a buying mood.

GWTT (Girl With Tie Tee)

One of the vendors was Eun Hee, who was selling handmade kids’ clothing under her label Sam and Coop. One of her designs is a t-shirt with a tie sewn onto the front. She actually had one in an adult size, so I thought it only serendipitous that I buy it. This will certainly lead to a Special Weekend Edition of 100 Days, 100 Ties, as I will certainly evoke much guffawing and chortling when I wear it to a barbecue (“A Tie! To a Barbecue! That’s a stitch!”)…

My Tie du Jour fell victim to the shortcomings of my iPhone camera. It looks yellow, but it’s really a light gray off-white. The picture also doesn’t really show the great blue pattern in it, that actually pulls it together with this shirt. Dammit. Don’t think that I haven’t heard about the camera capabilities–higher res, flash, the ability to see yourself while you picture yourself–in the new iPhone 4. Definitely looking forward to getting one of those in the future. Enough coveting of my neighbor’s smartphone, my TdJ is from Le Ferré, which I believe is mark of Gianfranco Ferré, a designer out of Italy. I would be surprised if Signore Ferré ever reads this blog. He passed away in 2007.

Ran into a couple of Guys With Ties during the weekend’s Art Fest festivities. Store manager Wayne Tadda of the Evanston Jos. A. Bank was around early on Saturday. His tie collection puts me to absolute shame. Four hundred ties. 400! I actually use his method for tie storage–hang them on a suit hanger–for my Menagerie of the Worn.

And, we have our first GWT-B of the project. B stands for ‘bolo’, and I made it a dash-B so it wouldn’t be confused with Guys With Bow Ties. I can’t be certain, but putting bolo tie guys with bow tie guys is only askin’ fer trouble. David Canfield, one of the presenters at the Festival (his wife Kate Barrere won an award), was sporting this bolo tie, and was kind enough to pose for a minute.

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that I had to wear a tie every day in high school. On the first day of every school year, we had some sort of assembly, where Brother Someone-or-other read over the rules. Hair length, dress code, tardiness, etc, the usual Cat’lic school BS. One of the items on the d0-not-wear list was bolo ties, but it was a tradition that someone had to ask what a bolo tie was. I guess it’s not really that funny, unless you’re a barely mature boy who’s a bit nervous (and pissed) about the first day of school.

Well, that’s that. Welcome to the working week, which will lead to a long weekend. Happy early birthday, USA.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “You’ll shoot your tie out!”

  1. Paul Says:

    I have the tie shirt too and match with my boy. We can roll three deep in that!

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