Can’t spell “Instant Replay” without T-I-E…

…but the letters D-U-H are not in need.

I am really out of it, since my return from Fla. Yesterday’s BTdJ didn’t get posted until today (okay, it’s after midnight–and thus Friday–but let’s pretend it’s not–ergo still Thursday). Tonight’s faux pas was coming home (from a FANTASTIC show put on by The English Beat at Evanston SPACE), and realizing I hadn’t taken a picture of the BTdJ. Doy! Pass the gingko biloba, please.

So, for the first time ever, I was forced to recreate the shirt/tie situation. Got the shirt out of the off-to-the-dry-cleaner bag, put it back on and then retied the bow tie. So embarrassing, honestly. Need to get back in the routine, but how hard can it really be?1. Pick tie. 2. Tie tie. 3. Photograph tie. The steps after that are unnecessary to inscribe here, because step #3 will ensure that this won’t happen again. How was that spelled? Duh.

So, we are down to the final two days of Bow Tie Fortnight, and I am afraid I have used up all of the good ones. The only ones I have left are regular bow ties and clip-ons from tie/cummerbund sets that my brother and I used in high school. Why on earth would high school kids need bow ties & cummerbunds, you ask? Besides prom(s), we had 5 or 6 formal dances per year, I answer. I have some of the pics around here somewhere. I’ll locate them and post them–they’re a stitch. If there are any 80s-hairdo-philes out there, these shots are most desirable to you.

A reenactment of actual events

This one seems the best of the lot. No tag, except a small one to say that it’s 100% silk. It’s a dark red/maroon tie with green paisleys flecked with blue. I put it with this red & gray striped shirt, and it went prettywell, I guess.

Any friend of seersucker...

As for Guys With Ties du Jour, I did have one. Sean O’Grady visited Chamber HQ this afternoon. He’s an executive at NorthShore University HealthSystem, as well as a member of the administration of Evanston Hospital. Sean is also a brand new member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Looking forward to working with him, especially since he knows how to wear a seersucker suit. Cool tie, too.

Well, thanks for reading. Keep in mind tomorrow is a Freebie Friday…best comment will win the bow tie du Friday.



One Response to “Can’t spell “Instant Replay” without T-I-E…”

  1. vince Says:

    Forensic recreation of the shirt/tie combo, a first for sure. Maybe we can plan a re-enactment of them… all of us charging across a field a la civil war re-enactment. what’ya think?
    keep it up,

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