No pain, bow gain…

Yikes. This is really late. It’s Thursday, but this is Wednesday’s post. I’ll post Thursday’s on Thursday, too, but it may happen on Friday, hopefully not in the afternoon. Need to catch up.

Don’t really have an excuse, as I was on vacation in a relaxing location–Sandestin, Florida, where my parents live. I guess having a 5-hour plane delay at the Nashville airport, due to crap weather, could be my excuse, but that’s not it either. Since I’m evidently itchin’ to blame something, I’ll go for the first-day-back-at-work-post-vacation blues, where it seems like you’ve got 87 things to do and 13 seconds to perform each task.

Free nametag with purchase of Chamber membership!

So, my Tie du Yesterday, or Bow Tie du Jour, has to be one of my favorite bow ties. It’s the 3rd of the three that I found at Hadassah Resale Shop in Skokie. From Beau Ties of Vermont, it’s a bright check pattern made from raw silk. Love it. This one will be missed, while I go through the rest of my ties.

I’m treating yesterday as a sort of milestone. My official start date at the Chamber was June 16, 2009. My one-year anniversary, yee haa! A traditional 1st anniversary gift would be paper; modern would be plastic. So, money or a loaded credit card, please, boss…

Well, we have a guest photographer on 100 Days, 100 Ties: my Mom! What a sport. She and my dad recently went to Barcelona on a 2-week vacation, and she took a couple of pix of Guys With Ties (Tipos Con Corbatas?).

This first one is a random Belgian dude…mom didn’t catch his name, but she did find out that he was in Barca on a business trip. Very cool blue on the white shirt (hope he didn’t get a stain!).

The next one has a name, Paul. He’s a Catalan from Barcelona, who was dining at La Crema when my folks were there (dining, too, presumably). Really like this modish plaid…seems more like a winter tie, but with his peach shirt he makes it summer-esque.

And, from our Business After Hours from last evening, I took a pic of a GWT, as well as a GWBT!

After learning why I was taking his picture, David Frank, of Somercor 504, demanded a future retake, as he is quite proud of his tie collection. Hey, I’ll take that one, if you don’t like it.

And, is this our first Guy With Bow Tie? Mayhaps so! Jonathan Shimberg, of the law firm Shimberg & Crohn, was looking positively dapper as he worked the room at the BAH. Jonathan, along with his wife Linda Crohn, makes up part of the leadership cabal of the Evanston LGM Network (Lawyers, Guns & Money), which next meets this Friday the 18th at WineStyles Evanston from 5-7pm.

Well, thanks for reading, again. I’ll catch you again soon with today’s BTdJ.



2 Responses to “No pain, bow gain…”

  1. ModFruGal Says:

    5 hours?! Sheesh…you could have come by for cocktails and still had time for a nap…so sorry! It’s monsoon season here.

    • Brooke Saucier Says:

      I know, but in their infinitely limited wisdom, Southwest merely announced that we’d get an announcement in 30 minutes or an hour. They announced this several times, for a total of 5 hours. Instead of releasing us into the cocktail/nap world of Nashvegas, they chose to execute a limited release to the land of the $20 martini: the Airport Bar!

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