Can’t spell “Go Blackhawks” without B-O-W…

Haven’t fired up a “can’t spell” title in a few weeks, and I thought it was a little timely, given the latest Stanley Cup Final result from Wednesday night. Chicago Blackhawks 4, Philadelphia Flyers 3. Chicago wins series, 4 games to 2. Oh. Yeah.

Tie-Ty Whi-ties

This afternoon, Julia played her final soccer match of the season with Team Evanston Orange, a hard-fought 2-2 draw. And that word ‘soccer’ makes me realize that I can’t believe we are less than 12 hours away from kickoff of World Cup 2010! Host South Africa takes on Mexico, and I’m pretty geeked up, as you can see on my new Facebook profile picture.

We interrupt tonight’s sports programming to take you back to 100 Days, 100 Ties…

Bow Tie Fortnight continues, and it’s been pretty funny that three people have assumed that the tie blog is over, now that bow ties have been my norm. No, no, folks, bow ties are ties in my mind…just getting a few BTdJs out of the way. I can’t believe I’m up to about Tie No. 62 or so, and I’m glad it’s still fun…not only to write it but to tell more and more folks about it.

This striped bow tie from Jos. A. Bank comes from down Memphis-way, a gift from my friend, and former French teacher, Dan Murrell. Dan, who is Director of Planned Giving at University of Memphis, was nice enough (and is more than nice enough, to be honest) to mail this bow tie to me a few weeks ago, and I have been waiting for the perfect time to put it on. Dan has been featured on here a couple of times…and will be some more here today. Dan likes bow ties, a lot.

Here’s Dan, at age 6 (or age 50, in case he’s got Benjamin Button-itis) with a cute little, (what looks like a) clip-on tie…

…Here he is again at, well, slightly older age with an ugly-ass tie…do not adjust your monitor, folks. It IS that ugly. Here’s a closeup to prove it.

Okay, so we had a couple of Guys With Ties today, and one of them, besides being a repeat GWT, is actually a Guy With Bow Tie guy. Jonathan Perman, my boss and the executive director of the Evanston Chamber, was swept up in Bow Tie Fortnight Fever (BTFF, as it is commonly known), as evidenced by his ensemble today.

One other GWT was Adam Doty, whom I have known for years. His son went to kindergarten with Julia. He works at Rotary International, on their international student exchange programs.

It’s late. Again. Thanks for reading. Again.

Brooke. Again.


One Response to “Can’t spell “Go Blackhawks” without B-O-W…”

  1. Dan Says:

    I hope these folks realize that the “ugly-ass tie” is not worn these days. It is a holdover from perhaps the worst decade ever in fashion attire – the seventies.

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