No Woman, Bow Tie

Yesterday’s post was my longest yet, and given how long I actually wore today’s bow tie selection on this fine Wednesday, this may be my shortest. But, my verbosity has a way of emerging when I least expect it, so…here goes.

Since I took most of the day off from work, I went very casual today. A short sleeve shirt (scandal!) went nicely with my bright, shiny Bow Tie du Jour. No label again…odd.

Today was Julia’s last day of school, and, in honor of the occasion, our district has school for only an hour. Traditionally, the parents use this hour to discuss how silly/inane/inconvenient it is for school to be open for merely an hour. For better or worse, we are left with enough time to get coffee at one of the local caffeination stations.

Lions and Tiegers and Bows, Oh My!

One, that I’ve mentioned before, is Brothers K; the other is less local, Starbucks (heard of it?). I wanted to mention BrosK because there was a SAWT (Stuffed Animal With Tie) there today…Given the mane (albeit weak and decidedly non-regal) and footpads, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a lion, despite it’s tiger-esque coloring. No matter its species, it is wearing a funky green tie with musical notes on it. Not sure any feline would choose to make this fashion statement, to be honest with you.

School's Out For Summah!

When I got back for pickup, I ran into Sarah Burghardt, she of the handmade knitted tie from a few weeks ago. This t-shirt is so perfect, not only for 100 Days, 100 Ties, but for the last day of school. The tie part is a blackboard, and there is a small piece of cloth on the bottom of the shirt for holding chalk.

And, just to round out my “…With Ties” collection for the day, I have a GWT for you. One of my best friends and neighbors, Peter Reinhart, is a banker with Northern Trust. I have given him shit for years for wearing suits and ties to work, and now am reveling in doing just that. His tie today is rather conservative, so I’m sure I’ll give him another shot to wear something that jumps off of the computer screen soon.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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