Bye, bye Miss American Tie

OK, so this Bow Tie is not as patriotic as the subject field may suggest. But you have to admit that, with my red, white & blue shirt, it’s obvious I was going all-in at Bluestone for the US in their World Cup match against Slovenia (if I ever get around to wearing a Slovenian tie, then I know that 100D100T has gone on too long). After some nervy defending in the 1st half, they came out blazing after the break. But for a miserable referee’s decision, they could have stolen the match, but instead settled for a 2-2 draw (also known as a ‘tie’, isn’t it?).

2-2 tie tie

My Bow Tie du Jour is very simple. Red on red on red. Sorry, I am not doing a very good job of selling the Friday Freebie. If anyone wants this tie, please post why you deserve it, and I’ll mail it to you. Another downside…it was really tough to tie, as if the knot wouldn’t get tight enough.

It was, like the B.T. du Yesterday, part of a bow tie/cummerbund set. Cummerbunds have, save for proms, gone the way of the dodo, according to Glenn O’Brien, “The Style Guy” at GQ. His article is a must-read, by the way…little tips on things as varied as sideburns, weekender bags and, hey, even ties. Oh, and if I can find the cummerbund, I’ll make it a part of the Friday Freebie package.

So, that’s it for Bow Tie Fortnight (which went over by a day)…I enjoyed the attention (not a stretch for me) that bow ties seem to capture, but I’ll be glad to get back to regular ties. In two or three weeks I’ll get into Ugly Tie Week, and I’m sure I can come up with some previews. A friend gave me a tie that she thinks is ugly, but I love it, so maybe we’ll spark a debate or a vote on that as one of the previews for UTW. Future weeks I’ll have Blue Tie Week and perhaps Purple Tie Week (maybe tied in with something at NU).

Have a great weekend, everybody. Thanks for reading, and thanks for passing along the blog to your friends.



2 Responses to “Bye, bye Miss American Tie”

  1. Paul Says:

    I deserve it because I would have called the Slovene-ly for the hold away from the play, and granted the PK. Too bad I’m DQ’d, plus don’t know how to tie a bow tie. I am game to donate an ugly tie, if you are accepting reader suggestions. Perhaps you could mount a reader vote for the ugliest reader-submitted tie, and the winner/loser receive special dispensation or something?

  2. tom Says:

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