Eeny Meeny Tieny Mo…

Well, I remembered to wear a bow tie again. Sound the trumpets! Let fly the confetti! Bow Tie Fortnight is officially an event! Maybe next year Hallmark will mark the occasion with a series of cards. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Bow Ties are tough-to-figure-out, and so are you. Or: Misspellers of the World! UNTIE!

Well then, that wasn’t so difficult. Onward we march with BTF (the younger brother of WTF)…

Let's hear those comments...

Today’s BTdJ is from Carrot & ___. Dangit, I need to remember to write down the maker before I put these on. The label is not quite as accessible as a regular necktie. Thanks to the magic of Google (magigoogle?), I can find out that it is Carrot & Gibbs. Their website URL is, and from the looks of their offerings, they back up that slight bit of pretentiousness. They are sold at several locations in Illinois, with Huntley’s in Wilmette being the closest to me.

Ready, Set, Swim

I have one addition to Guys With Ties for today, to get us into the weekend right. Todd Paul here speaks my language; born in New Orleans and raised in Mississippi, Todd makes me feel at home when he talks. Very nice guy with a cool story. He learned to swim in October of 2008, and then he…get ready for this…swam the English Channel in September of ’09. SWAM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL. A mere year after LEARNING TO SWIM. Sorry for the yelling, but that’s pretty cool. I’ve known about the English Channel since I met him, but just learned about the learning to swim bit.

So, let’s see…to continue Bow Tie Fortnight, I’ll be sporting bow ties next Monday, Tuesday and hopefully Thursday; then again the following Wednesday thru Friday.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. Brooke


2 Responses to “Eeny Meeny Tieny Mo…”

  1. Liz H Says:

    What – no freebie Friday?

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