Un gentilhomme français…

La mode. Style. Like many things, style can come in many forms. Some people buy their style. I certainly fall into this, to some extent, as my style revolves around the treasures that I may find at a good (or bad) resale shop. Others buy their style from more haute couture establishments, and that is perfectly fine, as well. I certainly would, if given the opportunity (but I’ll always remember my love for the treasure hunt).

Buying one’s way to a sense of style can have a negative effect, and sometimes it it quite evident when someone is simply attempting to charge their way to a higher plane of fashion.

Then, there are those who just…”have it.” The key word there is “it.” It is the sense of putting a day’s entire outfit together, or it can be just one aspect of one’s attire. There is a woman who works in the Rotary Building, for Pivot Point, I believe, whose shoes absolutely rock. I have no idea what brand they are, or what type they are, but all I know is that she peacocks the hell out of them, in a good way.

A couple of weeks ago, as I heralded the imminent Bow Tie Week (that has obviously grown into Bow Tie Fortnight), I mentioned Patrice Robin, the brother of Michèle Crump, one of my mom’s dearest friends. I even added this photo…

An expert architect, Patrice passed away a few years ago. When I met him I was still in my early 20s, still in college really, but I could tell that he had it. French men can look so…comfortable, I guess…while dressing like this. Now, I don’t know if he had 3 different bow ties, or 300, but I’m sure he looked dashing every day.

Butterfly knot...love that phrase

My Bow Tie du Jour, or Noeud Papillon du Jour, is a tie that Patrice’s widow, Annie, sent to my mom. The card reads “souvenir très affectueux”–very affectionate souvenir.

My picture is not very good, but the bow tie is a forest green with some very cool paisleys. It’s smaller than most, if not all, of my bow ties (my good friend Dan Murrell would appreciate its being 2″ wide…very classic). No brand label, so I imagine that some perfectionist tailor in Paris made it.

C’était vraiment une honneur de le porter aujourd’hui. Mes pensées affectueuses a sa famille–Annie, Antoine, Virginie, et bien sur, sa soeur Michèle et sa mère, Yveline (Mamidoux). Je vous aime! Grosses bisoux!

I have a Guy With Tie, from my weekend. Terry Donohue, an attorney with Inman & Fitzgibbons. I met Terry a few months back through some Evanston Chamber functions, and I spotted him at Dominick’s, as he was headed to his daughter’s bat mitzvah (at least I think it was his daughter’s…or maybe a friend of hers?). Anyway, thanks for being a good sport, Terry. It can be odd, I’m sure, when someone takes out their iPhone, and says, “I have this tie blog…can I take your picture?”

And, ding-ding-ding! We have our first Girl With Tie, officially. There was a Girl With Guy With Tie, Billie Kershasky, but now it’s a real Girl With Tie, with her own category and everything. Elena, one of my daughter’s classmates, sported this great strip to school, which has little faces making up a map of the world. Her mom shared something with me that I took as a great compliment…Elena said, “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be just like Brooke.” High praise, indeed! Psst, Elena, the best part about being like me is that you don’t really HAVE to grow up.

Well, thanks for reading…Brooke


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