Thar she bows!

After all my blahblah about Bow Tie Week, I have come to the realization that there were going to be three weeks without a full slate of tie-wearing days. This week is a four-day week with MemoDay, of course. Next week is the final week of Julia’s school, and I am taking a couple of days off before flying Julia down to my parents’ house in Florida. Of course, it would be silly of me to fly down there and turn right around, especially since they have a pool. Ergo, I’ll have merely a three-day workweek then.

And, thus, to get in a full Bow Tie Week, I’d have to wait for June 21. And, so, after much soul-searching, I have decided to scrap Bow Tie Week…dramatic pause for effect while bow tie-wearers gnash their teeth in much anguish…and will instead implement BTF. No, not Butt The F***! Bow Tie Fortnight! Yes, it’s perfect, from now until June 18th is 15 days, and a fortnight, as I understand it, is 14 nights, 15 days. And anyway, it’s close enough. Two ties this week, three next, and three the week after. I can handle eight. Bow! Tie! Fortnight!!!

Silk in the Raw

The (bow) Tie du Jour is awesome. It’s from Maus & Hoffman, and it’s one of the three bow ties that I found at the Hadassah Resale Shop on Dempster, for all of $1.50. Beautiful raw silk fabric makes me know that I got a pretty good deal.

Somehow, and this is hard to explain, it tied very nicely, too. Perhaps it’s because I’ve tied three or four in the past few weeks, but it seemed to knot up easier than usual, and it looks great with my Yves-Saint Laurent suit, in my cocky opinion.

So, tomorrow, if I remember, I’ll have another noeud papillon (butterfly knot, literally) that will be up for grabs to the best commenter. I need to make sure that I don’t put up Patrice Robin’s tie, or the one that my good friend Dan Murrell gave me.

I have one Guy With Tie for today. James Bates, Assistant Property Manager for the newly-renamed 415 building at Howard & Chicago in Evanston, was kind enough to pose. I was there for a property tour and for lunch with Barbara Moffitt and Dana Carroll (Dana called me a ‘dandy’ which I took as a compliment). They are putting in some great new upgrades, which, with the stunning views of Chicago, Evanston and the lake, will get them closer to full in no time.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Thar she bows!”

  1. Derek Says:

    Nice job on the Bow Tie….they can be hard to knot up!

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