The South Will Ties Again…

Ahh, where would I, or this blog, be without the ellipse? It emanates a certain sarcasm that the simple period simply cannot convey. And the combination question mark/exclamation point?! Too obvious, just like either one alone! Am I right?

Tonight was a special night, as far as Evanston Chamber nights go. ‘Twas the night of our annual meeting, and things went very well. A well-planned, well-scripted and well-run event by Lisa McGowan of A Wondrous Affair, our Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner was a great success. As it was a big night, I knew that my outfit would need to be a bit extraordinary.

Who's the Boss?

Thus I present the Tie du Jour (or, as it’s post-midnight, the Tie du Yesterday), a green paisley with blue and silver undertones. It’s from Hugo Boss, and my man Hugo does NOT mess ’round. You may notice that this is the tie I’m wearing in my WordPress (& Facebook, for that matter) profile picture, which was taken last year by Jill Brazel of Jill Brazel Photography.

Shir o Shekar

My reference to my Southern roots in the title of today’s blog (Tie No. 57, by the by) comes from my suit that I wore to the event. As you can see, it’s a seersucker suit, and it’s a beauty. It’s a Brooks Brothers, that I bought at Classy Closet on Washington & Custer in SE Evanston a few years back.

Emanuel over at Classy Closet has a pretty interesting array of men’s suits, ties and shoes that he sells, mostly, on consignment. Given its proximity, I have stopped in there several times over the years. He also has a pretty wide selection of women’s clothing, including business suits.

Well, I could have taken about 50 pictures of Guys With Ties at the event last night, but I chose to keep the iPhone holstered, for the most part. I did get one of Randy Pluta, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Hilton Orrington, the venue for last evening’s festivities. Sorry that it’s a little blurry, but you can tell Randy has great taste in ties (and spends a lot more on them than I do, I’m sure).

The other picture I got was of Michael and Moorad, two sales guys from Best Buy Evanston, on Howard. Best Buy sponsored one of the awards last night, the Community Leadership Award, and GM Steve Smith brought a table-full of employees from the store. These guys had such a high level of style–from the cardigan to the glasses to a Mason’s pin for crike’s sake!–that I just had to get a shot.

Well, thanks for reading…Brooke


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