Tie me to the moon…

Good to be back. As my Memorial Day weekend was tie-less, I did not feel the compunction to come to the blog, and yet I missed it.

First, let’s attend to some bidness: The awarding of Friday Freebie #5. After the glorious competition that was FF IV, we were back down to only one competitor, which I will squarely blame on the holiday weekend. Thankfully, the winner is a worthy recipient of the Emile Lafaurie blue-stripe-on-blue tie. Dr. Vince Roberts, come on down! Fresh off of his victory in Sunday’s Buffalo Marathon (maybe he didn’t win, but I’m using dramatic license), Vince returns home to SE Evanston a winner yet again. Thanks for playing, Doc, and you’re welcome for winning.


Onward to the Tie du Jour. Tie No. 56, whoa, Nellie. It’s from the house of Gordon, Kenneth Gordon, that is, located in the Intergalactic Headquarters of Good Times, New Orleans. It’s a lovely cotton madras of purple, pink and off-white, which made its way back to me from my Dad’s collection.

Interesting segue can spring from that paragraph, which contains “New Orleans” and “my Dad.” Dear Ol’ Robert Michel Saucier, mon père, was born and raised in the Big Easy, and his life was probably anything but easy, from what he’s told me. Raised by my Grandma, Hazel, and my great-grandmother, Mony, he attended Jesuit High School, which is the pinnacle of all educational offerings this earth has to offer (according to him). He married young, had a son, buried another, and divorced…all before the age of 25. Life, of course, got better when he met my Mom and they conceived the Great One, yours truly, in New Orleans in 1968. Yes, I was fertilized in that fun town, and I blame all of my extroversion on that fact, even though they moved to Memphis a few months before my birth in ’69.

Getting Dad to talk about his upbringing is easy, as I have found over the years. All one need do is ask…it’s rarely offered. The cliché of offspring’s rolling eyes when regaled again and again by heroic tales of parental youth simply did not happen in our house. Sometimes he used a story from his youth to prove a point, but otherwise his stories are like finding ties at a resale shop. It’s new to me, and I look forward to finding more and more of them as the years go on.

Shit, perhaps I should have saved that little Ode for Father’s Day. Nothing wrong with an early card, I guess.

Well, thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Tie me to the moon…”

  1. Paul Says:

    You need to work on getting this as your theme song.

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