Let bygones be tie-gones…

So I had a successful parting with two ties yesterday, and a challenge to get rid of another one today.

Don't...look at the light!

My 2nd-place contestant from the last Friday Freebie, Nicole Colin, graciously accepted the consolation tie; I assured her that it took a special submission from my cousin Elizabeth to knock her from her perch. So, the multi-striped green Perry Ellis from last week stays local with Nicole, while the blue & green Kenneth Cole will be sent to Texas, where it will grace the neck of Elizabeth’s husband, Tim. Be sure to send pix when it gets there!

It’s been extremely sunny the past few days here in the Evanstonland region of Chicagoland, and my Tie du Jour reflects that pretty well by, well, reflecting sunlight.

My bright yellow beacon of shiny tie-ness is from Zanzara, and I found it at Unique Thrift Store at Howard & Western. Their ties are priced at 99 cents, and depending on the color of the label, can be had at a 25% or even 50% discount. I have at least 20 ties (meek understatement alert!) from Unique.

After posting three Guys With Ties yesterday, I realized that I forgot that I’d taken another picture early in the morning on my way out to work. Christopher Dale, my upstairs neighbor, was sporting this tie and heading off at the same time. He works down on 63rd Street on the South Side, and shoot if I can’t remember who it is. Darn brain!

I had some more visitors to the office today…Brandon Bowers and Billie Kershasky of Astor & Black, a custom men’s clothier. They sell mostly suits, but have all the accoutrements. Fantastic swatches, and I hope to become a customer soon. While Brandon enters the pantheon of Guys With Ties, Billie becomes the charter member of Girls With (Guys With) Ties.

I was actually extra proud of this sales call, as I referred Billie to Brandon a few weeks ago as part of her job search. She is a great friend and is going to be a fantastic salesperson for A&B.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Let bygones be tie-gones…”

  1. Billie Says:

    I’m proud to be a Girl With (Guys With) Ties. Was great to see you today, Brooke!!

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