All the tie in China…

Julia, my daughter, is an heiress to a small fortune. The key word there is ‘small’, and ‘fortune’ is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that she had better luck out and marry well, or hope that I perish at the fault of a rich corporation.

Anyway, the Heiress picked out this tie over the weekend, and I forgot to wear it on Monday. Apparently putting the tie on the doorknob of my closet isn’t enough to remind me. Next time I’ll tie it around my head, samurai-style…mayhaps I’ll see it in the mirror. Before my shower. Gingko Biloba!

Againyway, I’m glad I’m making J’s pick the Tie du Mardi, since it’s the Chamber Networking Breakfast today, hosted by the North Shore Retirement Hotel. Gotta look me best, or at least coordinated.

As beautiful as the splendid clouds

My Tie du Jour is one of my new favorites, and one of my coolest thrift store finds. There it was, hanging out at the Salvation Army on Kedzie, all of $1.50. It’s from China, according to the label, but not on a “Made In China” basis. This one seems like it was made there to be sported there. The label has some Chinese characters on it, right above the word “CHINA.” Deep, yes. But below that it says “NANJING YUN BROCADE RESEARCH INSTITUTE.” That is actually a pretty fun website, just for the unintentional comedy brought on by the lost-in-translation bits and the random punctuation slivers. ‘Yun’ means ‘clouds’, “since the fabrics is as beautiful as the splendid clouds in the sky.”

Well, then. How…nice.

We had a couple of splendid clouds at our Networking Breakfast this morning (Yes, I wrote part of this blogpost pre-NeBr), sporting ties, of course.

First, we have Robert Adam, proprietor of Adam Insurance Brokerage. A very nice guy, Bob is a fixture at Chamber events. I saw him later on in the morning, and he had removed his tie. Cheater!

Next we have Eric Fenton, owner of private tutoring firm Across the Board Test Prep. He and his wife attended their first chamber event this very morn (hopefully not their last).

Thanks for wearing ties, you Guys With Ties!

Bup, bup, bup! Wait a tic…another GWT just came in for a meeting. Jake Chamberlain, of Sandbox Industries, sported a vintage paisley while presenting an idea to me. This tie accompanied Jake on a 2-year mission to the Ukraine; that’d be a mission for the Mormon Church, not a spy mission. Thanks for stopping in, Jake.

And thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “All the tie in China…”

  1. Billie Says:

    I didn’t see any clouds outside today. I should’ve known that the Floral-Chinese-Dragon TDJ was Julia’s choice — an excellent pick for the networking breakfast!

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