Sunny with a tie of 89 degrees…

…that was Sunday’s weather. Today’s was almost as nice, except I got to go around in a wool suit. Sweet.

Weather is definitely in the top 5 favorite subjects in a ChicagoAreaPerson’s repertoire of discussion topics (and a far #1 in elevators–“How ’bout that [wind/snow/rain/humidity/other]” has GOT to be the most uttered phrase as the doors close, well ahead of “Did that guy just fart?”).

The Chicago Blackhawks, as they have made their run to the Stanley Cup finals, have moved pretty much to number 1, but it’s quite temporary, as they will soon be usurped by the Bears. Cubs and Sox move up and down between Nos. 2 & 4, based on their relative suckiness. The baseball clubs must be ecstatic that the ‘Hawks are stealing the headlines, and they must be praying for a 7-game final series (and dreading the days after its end).

Slathering aloe on this tie will not make me feel better

I started with weather because my Tie du Jour was chosen based on something stupid I did on Sunday. I failed to put on sunscreen until it was too late (barn door, meet horse…he went that-a-way). The skin on my front side closely matches the just-past-hot-pink red of this tie. Duh. Mass.

The tie is from Isaco, and I think it’s my second from designer Isaac Zelcer, a Cuban emigré (according to this online blurb from 1994). Yes, I just checked my Worn Hanger, and one of my Blue Tie Week ties is from there. So, the sunburn hasn’t completely wrecked my memory. But, one thing it HAS affected is my photo-shooting. Nice focus on that pic, Saucier.

I failed to mention that Friday’s TdJ was Tie #50. A relative milestone, I’d think, since that would make me halfway to my stated goal. However, I have many more than 100 ties, so I may push on (okay, okay, stop your groaning). I guess I’ll have to see how it’s going. I’m still having a great time doing it, and I do have several dozen cards left.

Another mini-milestone was reached over the weekend, as I actually have more than one claim on the Friday Freebie. My record has been one…Paul Hletko got the first FF and actually took delivery. The second one also had one claimant, but it was an anonymous nudist who failed to send his/her mailing information. Probably for the best.

Gérard avec Tie!

Friday’s TdJ had a quick applicant in Nicole Colin, a new friend who is a fellow parent at Lincoln School. She actually saw the tie at my flat-warming party, and mentioned that if it were ever the Freebie, she’d get in it to win it. She did it so quickly that you can see her claim as part of Friday’s blog post. Extremely creative use of the world’s favorite frog (besides Gérard Dépardieu), Kermit.

But then…family came into play. My cousin, Elizabeth, knew exactly what buttons to press. I missed her wedding last year, after promising that I would make it. She said that blue and green, the color of the tie, were part of the color scheme of the wedding (which I would have known had I been there), and that her new husband would wear it proudly. She wrote a wonderful note explaining why it should be sent to Texas.

And, so, it is with pleasure that I award the Friday Freebie to Elizabeth, and her hubby. Nicole, I’m very sorry…there truly aren’t many entries that would have beaten yours. I hope that I can offer you the Thursday tie (which Kermie seems to like) as a consolation prize.

Well, that’s that…thanks for reading. Brooke


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