The best-laid plans of ties and men…

About 5 or 6 months ago, I brought some suits to the office, along with accompanying shirts, ties (that makes 3 that I missed in my original count), socks…even a pair of cufflinks, which I didn’t need actually. Moron that later…

I had all this dressy stuff stuffed into a garment bag our coat closet (or cloakerie, as I’m going to call it from now on), on the off chance of a) morning work out with no desire to bring a suit from home, or 2) spillage of soup, beer, coffee, cement, roof tar, lava, blood (hey, Chamber work is EXCITING work, you never know what adventures will present themselves on a given day!)…

So, for the first time, it worked out. No bodily, construction or natural disaster fluids were involved, just felt that there was no reason to pack up a suit set to scrunch into the lockers at the McGaw YMCA.

With a name like Ermenegildo, it's got to be a great tie

My Tie du Jour is from Ermenegildo Zegna, a classic Italian designer. I found this tie years ago, and it seems to pop off of this white shirt (of course I had to have a staid, white shirt in my Backup Plan Suitbag).

I was able to dress up whitey with some cool cufflinks, that I had made. About a month ago (and I think I’ve mentioned this), I was passing Ayla’s Originals, a bead/jewelry store on Sherman Avenue, and the beads on a bracelet caught my eye. As slow as my brain is sometimes, I get creative idea flushes sometimes. ‘Creative Idea Flushes’ is a term I just invented this very minute to describe a few moments where a plan is put together almost instantaneously to do something, well, creative.

Anyway, I saw these beads (called Turkish Eyes), and knew that I wanted to put them on cufflinks. That set me to seeking out cufflink hardware (or findings, as they are called), which I found. I had the folks at Ayla’s put together three pair out of agate-type beads first off. Then we got more creative…I bought the actual bracelet from the window (for all of $3) and had Ivy, from Ayla’s, make 5 cufflinks out of it after removing the beads from the chain. So, I have a pair to give away, and, in keeping with the backup theme, that 5th-Wheel-of-a-Cufflink, is now a backup, in case one is lost.

Thanks so much for reading, tonight and all these other nights…Brooke


One Response to “The best-laid plans of ties and men…”

  1. Paul Says:

    Can I get a 100 Days, 100 cufflinks? Sponsored by Ayla!

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