Tied and gone to heaven…

There are two ways to be awake past 1…well, okay, there are about 78 ways, in all honesty, but in the past two nights I have experienced some pretty basic (and rather lame) methods for doing so. We have last night, where it was just pure ignorance of the sleep needs for a man in the 28-48 age bracket (first time that particular age bracket has EVER been cited…thank you very much). And, we have tonight, where I went to sleep before 11, while putting Julia to bed, only to awaken about a quarter past 1. Par-tee on!

No matter, I’ll just bang this out and complete our busy Saturday (coffee. swimming lesson. Panera. Laps 4 Lincoln. soccer match. pick up babysitter/party helpers. Julia birthday party. cousins arrive. cousins spend night. sleep, hopefully). That’s a big parenthetical expression, wouldn’t you agree?

Not easy being blue and green either...

On to the Tie du Jour, aka Friday Freebie Four…

Yes, our strip of today is from Kenneth Cole. I like their stuff–ties, pants, shirts, you name it. The green & blue pattern simply jumps off of this shirt, also green/blue patterned. As the Friday Freebie, it will jump right out of my flat as well, to the best commenter.

We already have a leader in the clubhouse, actually. Nicole Colin, of 3dRenderingNow, submitted this amazing photo of a guest Guy With Tie, or Amphibian With Tie, I guess I should say, sporting a strip that looks suspiciously like the Tie du Yesterday. It just begs the question…why ARE there so many…songs…about rainbows?

Yes, Kermit is pluckin’ away here, vying for Nicole to get this tie. I must say, I may give her the green striped one as well. Well done! Don’t let that stop you from submitting your own comments on why YOU should get it, though…

We have a mammal-esque GWT too…James Smith, of First Northern Credit Union here in Evanston, gets in with a classy and classic striped repp tie. He’s a Louisiana man, raised in Baton Rouge (aka “Red Stick”, glorified previously during Red Tie Week), who has promised a batch of boiled crawfish this summer. Ahem…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


4 Responses to “Tied and gone to heaven…”

  1. Dan Says:

    I was hoping that there might be a bowtie for a Friday Freebie! And Kermit would almost certainly prefer a bowtie – won’t get in the way while jumping, shagging flies, or crooning at Piggie.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I love blue and green ties. As a matter of fact I love blue and green, and you would know that if you had attended my wedding, where both colors were prominent. My husband would love this blue and green tie, and even though he has never met you, he reads your blog regularly. As a matter of fact he now wants a tie rack of his very own now. Help me add to his tie rack. We’ll call it a wedding gift. 🙂

  3. Paul Says:

    Whatever happened to the Rainbow Connection? Now, that would be a tie.

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