The Tied is High…

…but I’m holdin’ on.

Getting to this pretty late tonight, so it’ll be a shortie.

Not easy...bein' green.

The Tie du Jour is from Perry Ellis Portfolio, and I got it the first time I went to Thriftgeek, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times. I hope BJ and Susan are doing well in their new location. Here’s their Facebook link, so you can say hi…

The TdJ is kind of an olive green, with several colored stripes–khaki, gray and a couple of other green shades. I had thought this would be a tough tie to match up with a shirt, but this new (to me) gray shirt played nicely. It’s from Two AM, which I’d never heard of, but will look for in the future. Nice texture…

The reason I’m up so late is that I finally watched The Hurt Locker, which I’d rented from the local Video Adventure store a few days ago. They survived the competition from two national chains, right on the same street–Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Good for them. I had not set foot in there for over a decade.

Anyway, the movie was…meh. Can simply not believe it was an Academy Award winner. Avatar was a lot better in so many ways. I think many esteemed Academy voters were voting against the “I’m the King of the World!” screech from James Cameron (as he held his Oscar, the trophy he got for Titanic), not to mention the cheesy “I’m the King of the World!” screech from Leonardo DiCaprio (as he held his Kate Winslet, the trophy that Sam Mendes got). Back to Hurt Locker…I wonder if those bomb squad suits will be all the rage at Hallowe’en.

My lack of Guys with Ties for the past two days is just lame. Last night was our Business After Hours, at Schaefer’s Wine, Food & Spirits, and there were plenty of candidates. Same thing for this evening’s event, a ribbon-cutting at Downtown Evanston, the merchant district association for, well, uh, Evanston’s downtown.

Well, lookie there…not so short after all (Michael Scott would say: “That’s what she said.”)…

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “The Tied is High…”

  1. Nicole J Colin Says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Let me know when I win the tie…

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