Tie Story

“I have been chosen! Farewell, my friends. I go on to a better place.”  –Alien, Toy Story

Today I maybe got closer to heaven, if in fact there is one, and if in fact it is a nice place for nice people. I chaperoned the Lincoln School 3rd grade field trip to the Field Museum in downtown Chicago (hey, some people don’t know). My daughter Julia and about 39 other kids made the jaunt in a yellow school bus, accompanied by their teachers, Ms. Carlson and Ms. Ceffalio, and about 8 or 9 other chaperones. We were not alone.

Of course I could have–should have, really–gone into the day sans tie, but my mind projected itself upon the days (weeks, months) ahead, and I tried to figure out which tie I could wear with a bunch of 9-yr olds hanging around. Since those 9-yr olds and their randomly-functioning brains are much like aliens, I thought of this tie almost straight away.

The Claw is our Master!


Yes, your brain is on target; you have correctly noted that this Tie du Jour portrays dozens of the annoyingly cute aliens from the Toy Story movie from (wow!) about 15 years ago. I surmised that being on a bus with 40 kids would be like interacting with a gaggle of mindless, otherworldly creatures. Not a stretch.

Anyway, I have had this tie for several years, and I’m glad I was able to put it into the rotation on a day where I wasn’t expected to dress like, well, a chaperone for a school field trip. I will admit that I also need to wear a Woody–a Woody tie, perv!– before this is all over. Not sure it’ll happen for another field trip for a while, as I probably earned some major parenting karma points (PKP) today.

A fine tie on a fine individual

Over the weekend I ran into–or biked into, rather–David Jones, who is NOT the former Monkee. David is an Epicopalian (or Anglican for the Papists out there) minister who works with Connections for the Homeless, an organization which does yeoman’s work striving to transition homeless individuals and families into job and housing situations. He was wearing this SWEET bow tie, on his way to a wedding, and I stopped on my bike to take a pic of him. It’s hard to tell on this silly iPhone pic, but those little red dots are strawberries. No, silly, not real strawberries, just, well, you know.

Ok, well the eyes are drooping, so I must call it a night. Thanks for reading!



One Response to “Tie Story”

  1. Eve Says:

    Hey…love the tie, love the parenting! Thanks for a great day. I don’t always have fun on these things (surprise, surprise), but we had some good folks, and the aliens behaved, so, all and all, a successful outing. Thanks for all the support!!

    “Ms. Carlson”

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