Let tie people go…

I did it again. I forgot about Freebie Friday. Pretty pathetic that I’ve let slip 2/3 of the Freebies.  The legacy of past winners–Paul Hletko and the as-yet-unclaimed-and-unnamed “I’ll wear your tie and nothing else” person–is not being allowed to establish itself, due to my inability to remember that Fridays are for giveaways. Today’s Friday Freebie is another one that I will be sorry to see get stuffed–lovingly, of course–into an envelope and sent away.

And away we go…

Let’s talk tie, shall we? The Tie du Jour. It’s from Paul Fredrick, and it’s bloody beautiful. Unfortunately, someone didn’t think so, and donated it to Salvation Army. Of course, I find that fortunate, because it allowed me to find it and own it, for about $2, and it allowed Salvation Army to reap (less than) $2 for putting it through their system. The picture is probably terrible, and I hope it shows through for its orange-ness. The paisley pattern is a bonus, and it even looks like a fractal pattern. Whee!

So, as much as I hate to give this away…feel free to comment on it and try your best to earn it. I’ll ship it to you. It’s a real beauty.

Well, thanks for reading…Brooke


4 Responses to “Let tie people go…”

  1. Paul Says:

    The pic does not do it justice. Very cool tie that one would be proud to add to their collection.

  2. Lane Says:

    I thought it was a very nice tie too… even though it wouldn’t go with a thing I own. Nice to bump into you today! 😉

  3. vince Says:

    Smurf is not my password.

  4. Phoenix Says:

    This one simply does not go with my birthday suit. Take it AWAY!

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