Just say bow…

After 43 ties of normal length, we finally arrive at a bow tie.

Let’s get right to the (Bow) Tie du Jour. Here’s a look…ain’t it a beauty?

Little Bow Peep

It’s from Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont, and I think I mentioned that I found this (and another Beau Ties bow tie) at the Hadassah Resale Shop in Skokie. Paid all of $1.50. A steal, especially when you see that their regular prices are about $40/bow. The website is worth a look, and they do something really cool. If you have a regular tie you like, for $35 they’ll turn it into a bow tie. Plus you can submit your own fabric and they’ll bow tie it up. Don’t Tread On Me, Vermont!

I don’t know why it took so long to break one of these out. I now have 9, I think, with another one on the way, so I have a lot of them to get through. The fact that these are more spring- and summer-friendly, at least in my mind, kept me from it. The first week of June will be Bow Tie Week, but I’ll try to sport another before then.

If you have any awesome (and I say ‘awesome’ in the most lovingly sarcastic way) pictures of yourself or a friend or a date from prom that demonstrates a really cheesy (probably pre-tied) bow tie, please email it to me at bsauce6@gmail.com. I’ll post them during Bow Tie Week, under Schmoes With Bows or something. I think I have a couple of meself, and there may be a peach bow tie/cummerbund, especially for our readers (thanks, Eryin, for making me match your peach dress…ah, the 80s).

Ran across some guys today…Guys With Ties, to be precise.

Dan the Man

Dan Mennemeyer, Treasurer of the Chamber, seemed perfectly pleased in this picture pose. He’s also in charge of our annual Golf Outing, which will be co-hosted with the Wilmette CofC on July 26 at the Wilmette Golf Club, which is in Glenview (it officially says Wilmette, but it’s across from Glenview’s finest watering hole, Meier’s Tavern). Just to be clear, Evanston Golf Club is in Skokie and Skokie Playfields GC is in Winnetka. Glencoe Golf Club and Winnetka Golf Club are in, boringly enough, Glencoe and Winnetka, respectively. Sorry about all the links. Ha, get it? Links?!

EMH 1389

GWT, Version Next, is Michael Hoadley. He and I went to college together and were fraternity brothers. Still are, I guess. Haven’t seen Mike in a few years, until today, when I broke him out of prison. Actually, as you can see from the tie and the decorative, um, decor behind him, we were actually at a Starbucks in Evanston. Obviously, the tie has nothing to do with Starbucks, or any other national chain of coffee shops. Or local ones, for that matter. We just had some business to discuss. So there. And, no, he wasn’t in prison.

Thanks for sharing the excitement surrounding my finally dusting off a bow tie. And thanks for reading. And thanks for saying, “You’re welcome.” It’s polite.



7 Responses to “Just say bow…”

  1. Paul Says:

    There is nothing, I say nothing, wrong with a pretied bow tie. Its a time saver.

  2. Billie Says:

    Links, hee hee! Did you seriously wear that bow tie all day?

  3. Dan Says:

    THAT is a great bowtie!

  4. Jennifer Lambert Says:

    Holy cow. Hoadley!

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