Fee Tie Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English-Mun.

Goodbye to IBTW (Impromptu Blue Tie Week)…you’ll get your chance, blue ties. There are a lot of you. Bow Tie week will happen soon (but not next week, as my mom asked me to postpone it until they return from Spain, where roaming charges would make it uneconomical to follow ‘100 Days, 100 Ties’–hey, it’s good to have fans), and there will likely be a Purple Tie Week (happy, CE?), and there will definitely be something along the lines of Ugly Tie Week. I have some ties that I can only wear under the guise of a gimmick such as UTW.

Busy day today…Julia ready, volunteer book club leader, meeting, Armenian Tea (@ArgoTeaEvanston), networking event, phone call, phone call, meeting, phone call, phone call, send invoice, phone call. That took me to about 5pm, and did you notice there was no lunch in there? Yeah…luckily my next item on the docket was happy hour pub grub with Paul, Freebie Friday winner numero uno. So, maybe not so busy, actually…just a full calendar.

Give me liberty (again)!

Our Tie du Jour is from Liberty of London, and, like the Liberty of London tie that was the Tie d’Other Week, it was brought home by my parents from a trip to–natch–London about 25 years ago. I like the way it pops against the aquamarine shirt. The picture is not very good…it’s not that bright in real life.

It’s a twofer on Guys With Ties today…

First we have Tom O’Hare, who’s a Commercial Banker with North Shore Community Bank, who will be sponsoring the Small Businessperson of the Year Award at the Chamber’s annual meeting and awards dinner in June. As you can see from his GWT debut (he was just elected to the Chamber board, so there’s a chance he’ll be on here again), he knows one of The Tie Secrets: Stripes CAN go with stripes! Well done, Tom.

Think Pink

Next is Jake Wilson, who dropped into the office today to introduce himself to the Chamber. A former baseball player for our hometown NU Wildcats, Jake was sporting a great pink tie. He said he’d just been to TJ Maxx to get a bunch of ties for his new gig…smart guy, that ‘Cat.

Thanks for reading, off to bed…Brooke


One Response to “Fee Tie Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English-Mun.”

  1. Billie Says:

    You forgot to mention Armenian Mint in your list of events! Next time we’ll do lunch instead…

    Gotta love @Jake’s pink tie!

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