Blue Ties Smilin’ at Me…

Irving Berlin would not have penned ‘Blue Skies’ today…not in Evanston at least. I am using my best Cloris Leachman/Frau Blucher (“Neigh!”) voice in saying, “Zis veather tsucked!”

Great for bike spokes--sounds just like a motorcycle!

But, look what came to me today, to brighten up my skies a bit–Blucher (Neigh!) be damned! My business card, courtesy of Minuteman Press on Sherman, looks fantastic, don’t you agree? Send me a note and I’ll mail you a couple.

Happy Blue--an oxymoron

My Tie du Jour is on the bright side, too. Any blue that tries to shine through a grim, gray day works for me. The white dots give it some light; unfortunately the toothpaste stain did, as well. Tasted like Colgate.

The label, just behind the aforementioned stain, says Eric Michaels, but I can’t really find anything online that talks a lot about this designer’s ties. I’m going to assume that his first name is Eric, and that he was raised by Mr. & Mrs. Michaels. I’m going to make up the fact that he donated a kidney to a nephew last fall. Unfortunately, that nephew didn’t actually need the kidney, and was pretty grossed out by the whole ordeal.

Well, I’m back in the Guys With Ties game. Larry Widmayer, a commercial realtor with Koenig & Strey in Evanston. He’s on the board of the Chamber, and was sporting this nice red tie w/blue & white stripes while visiting Chamber HQ today. I’m sure he was inspired by reading about Red Tie Week, oh those weeks ago. Good times.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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