Can’t spell “writer’s block” without…


While dressing, I noticed that one of my bow ties had fallen on the floor of my closet. Normally, I would have left it there, for days or perhaps weeks. But, since I’m sooooo responsible, I picked it up and put it on. There’s some major thought process that goes into choosing a Tie du Jour.

But, apparently, throughout the day, that thought process left me; as I sat and stared at the white laptop screen, it remained a white laptop screen. Yes, I was watching the professional hockey match (here we go, Blackhawks, here we go! Chicago up 2 games to zip over the “do you know the way to” San Jose Sharks), and yes I was making full stretch use of my new wireless capabilities, but…I drew a blank; I shot blanks; I stared and stared at a blaaaaank paaaage. Couldn’t even think of the title.

But, after falling asleep numerous times, while thinking, “I’ve got to finish!” I gave up and brought the laptop back into its homebase. Magically, the “can’t spell” piece of my brain kicked in, and I came up with that one. Ahhhh, I knew that I’d wake up and be good again.

Row, row, bow your boat

So, the Tie du Jour from yesterday (Tie d’Hier, for you fellow francophiles) is/was a good one. No label, strangely enough, but I’ve had this bow tie for years. I like the yellow touches that seem to go well with the blue and white flowers and the gray background.

The BTdJ definitely made the rounds yesterday…lunch at the new Bombay Indian Grill on Sherman, a new-meeting center-warming reception at the Hilton Garden Inn, my daughter Julia’s Team Evanston soccer game (they won 5-1, huzzah!), and then PizzaFest at Carmen’s Pizza on Church, hosted by the Rotary Club of Evanston. The good thing about wearing a bow tie is that it’s pretty hard to drip hot pizza sauce on it. Or soup. Or wine.

Steve Hagerty and...

...Joe Romano

Yesterday there were a bunch of gents chalked up on the Guys With Ties board. We had Steve Hagerty, of Hagerty Consulting, and Joe Romano, of Romano Brothers, snapped in the lobby of our building, One Rotary Center. They were heading downtown to hear Gen. Petraeus speak (here’s a great GQ article on him–Petraeus, that is, not Hagerty or Romano).

Then, at the Hilton fiesta, Pat Kelly of John J. Cahill Plumbing was sporting a nice plaid strip. Pat is a new member of the Chamber’s Board, and will be properly hazed…I mean, installed…at our upcoming Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner on June 2. It’s the 90th Annual, you know…

And, finally, John Osterlund, of Rotary International, also wore a tie to our daughters’ soccer game (his Abby scored a hat trick IN THE FIRST HALF), thus ensuring that we’d win any Better Dressed Parents awards, if there were such a thing.

So, I smite thee, writer’s block. May ye never rear your ugly face again.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “Can’t spell “writer’s block” without…”

  1. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Love the “nice plaid strip” on Pat. He’s hot!

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