If at first you don’t succeed, tie tie again…

Today we’re going to have a French lesson. Ecoutez…et Répétez! Onh…sohm-bl. Ensemble. Means ‘together’…class dismissed. Au revoir, les enfants.

Cufflinks and necktie, pocket square...OH MY!

I’ll start out with today’s ensemble, because I have a couple of places to thank who made it all possible. As for the cufflinks, I bought the hardware (they are known as ‘findings’ or ‘pads’–who knew?) over at Tom Thumb on Davis for a buck-fitty per pair. Then, I took them over to Ayla’s Originals to get some beads to make them look nice. Lo and behold, $30.50 later–$4.50 in findings, $15 in labor, $7.50 in beads, $3.50 in tax), I had three new pair of original 100D100T cufflinks. I went for the agate type, over the sans serif (font humor). Many thanks for the help in choosing beads, getting ’em glued on straight and looking fantastic!

As for the scarf-cum-pocket square, that was given to me by Carmen, owner of Savvy Seconds and 1st’s, a “hip and unique resale boutique” just west of Lincoln Square. I had gone in there to tell her about the Chamber, and took a look at their rack of, ahem, pocket squares (not scarves). She wouldn’t let me pay for them…total sweetie. I wore one yesterday and the other today. Thanks, Carmen! I hope to see you at future Chamber events.

This TdJ brought to you by Fruit Stripes gum

The Tie du Jour is from Chaps, and it’s one of the first ones I bought at Thriftgeek. It’s black with a couple of pink stripes with a green stripe thrown in there. I like it because not only are the colors different, the textures are different as well, with the grains going this way and that.

Since I was bedecked in pink today, I figured I’d whip out the old CRC: the Cultural Reference Corner, brought to you by 100 Days, 100 Ties.

Pink Panther: movie franchise which mostly starred Peter Sellers–mostly alive–as the bumblin’, fumblin’ Inspector Clouseau gave way to a cartoon starring a suave yet mute, very pink panther who sashayed to hip Henry Mancini music while parrying animatedly with the aforementioned Clouseau. Unfortunately, Steve Martin (though I generally respect his earlier body of work) recently decided he should take the reins and bumble his own way to box office yawndom.

Can't spell 'Riddle Me This' w/o T-I-E

I have a couple of Guys With Ties today, but they’re just toys. I guess they’re actually Bad Guys With Bad Ties. Riddler’s is WAY too wide, stylistically, and Joker must have stolen his from Col. Sanders.

Romero, Nicholson, Ledger

These toys, by the way, grace the windowsill at my office. Robin, Captain America, Dash Incredible, Woody and the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man are all with them, among others. Good times.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “If at first you don’t succeed, tie tie again…”

  1. Stephen B. Starr Says:

    Very nice ensemble, Brooke. Peut-être, essayez un masque vert? Wish I could say that comes from my head, but it comes from the Mac translator… 🙂 Thought the Riddler look would complete the look nicely. Finding the right color mask is the key.

  2. Lauryn Allison Says:

    Brooke! This is amazing! I had NO idea, seriously, man. How rad. And what’s all this with the thrifting?! Wonders never cease. Are you looking for an apprentice? I have much to learn in perfecting the art of the great thrift shop score. Just lovely, really; witty and wry and smart. I’ll be back!

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