Tie can’t I be you?

Sometimes the mail is fun. Yesterday I received a small package from my high school French teacher, Dan Murrell. As you can see from his LinkedIn profile, he’s a Guys With (Bow) Ties guy. Ergo, he sent me one, which I plan to wear when I announce–to much fanfare, no doubt–Bow Tie Week. I now have 6 bow ties, a fact which makes the announcement/week-of-bow possible. Many thanks, Dan.

I believe I mentioned a few weeks ago that, due to a not-rare slowdown in brain activity, I left my minivan running in a city parking lot for, oh, let’s say 4 hours to make me feel better (conscience: It was 5 1/2). Dan, or Monsieur Murrell as we so fluently called him–to his face at least, was the teacher that, 23 years ago, spotted a smoking Honda Accord in the CBHS parking lot. I quickly realized it was my car, running…with the keys somehow LOCKED inside. Since my Brainfart Version 20.10 was accomplished with the doors UNlocked, did I get dumber since B.F. V 19.87, or just more brazen. Uh-huh, I have to agree…dumb. As rocks. Luckily I have people who care for me, reminding me to do things and giving me gingko biloba.

Go ahead, London

So, onto the Tie du Jour. It’s from City of London, which have some really nice patterns. I’m pretty sure (gingko biloba, please) that this is the 2nd City of London strip that I’ve sported. It’s black (or a ridiculously dark navy blue) with cornflower blue stripes, and goes perfectly with my charcoal suit w/light blue pins. Throw in my indigo cufflinks, light blue small scarf (it’s a pocket square!) and my gray&blue argyle socks, and I can’t help but be reminded of the Kinks’ Dedicated Follower of Fashion. “Oh, yes he is!”

Good security starts with a good shirt/tie combo

Given my burglary from weeks past, I was connected with Todd Lazar from ProtectionOne Security. He dropped by in his tie, and told me what it would take to get all secure. So, you hear that, burglar-boy?! Two Dobermans (Dobermen?) will be waiting the next time you wish to play with your crowbar. And, dangit, if I won’t be around to scream the safe word. Anyway, Todd is now a member of the Guys With Ties clan.

Have a great evening, everybody. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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