Once bitten, twice tie…

No, no, I’ve not been donning my rocker hair wig and pullin’ out the Great White LP. At least not today…

Liber-tie of London

Spring is definitely in full bloom here in Evanston, and my Tie du Jour reflects that with its flowery disposition. I’d like to think that seeing this tie made at least one person’s day.

Back to the TdJ: It’s an all-cotton tie from Liberty of London, and it has been in my family for a couple decades. Either Mom or Dad bought it, along with another Liberty, on one of their London trips, probably in the 80s. When they were in their 40s.

My brother always looked forward to their trips, and not only because they brought groovin’ flowered ties home. Depending on who stayed with us, we were set for a rockin’ good time. Now, I know that my parents are keeping up with 100 Days, 100 Ties, so I’ll just ask them to skip over the next couple of paragraphs. There you go, Parent-types, move along, nothing incriminating to read here about your very social, yet very delinquent sons. I am assuming that I am too old to be grounded, by the way.

We had a couple of preferred cousins who would usually stay with us for the usually two-week trip. Kim and Mitch (I won’t use their last names so they won’t get in trouble, either) were as strict as they had to be, which means not at all. We had some parties which always grew too large and too full of tomfoolery, probably due to the fact that we were 50 yards off of Poplar Avenue, perhaps the main thoroughfare through Memphis. Oh, and if you didn’t know, I grew up in Memphis.

OK, Mom, Dad…you can read again from this point.

Jimmy Buffett had to have designed this tie...

Speaking of Mom, she submitted a Guys With Ties entry, all the way from their local Publix supermarket in Sandestin, Florida. This is the manager, Kelly, with a perfectly Floridian tie. Mom and Dad can actually take their golf cart to this store…but I don’t think they can drive the cart INSIDE it.

I'm Paul...born to be a winner

And, here’s another picture of Paul Hletko, who I believe is now the runaway clubhouse leader in terms of pictures–this one makes 3–on 100 Days, 100 Ties. Yes, that’s me with all the Ties du Jour, but I haven’t shown me face with them. This wouldn’t actually fall into the Guy With Tie subcategory, since he is sporting his Friday Freebie. His wife, Liz, said “that IS a lovely tie!” She has also commissioned me to take Paul to find some shirts and ties for his wardrobe. (Liz, don’t read this next sentence) Paul and I have plotted to take her money, buy 2 or 3 tie/shirt combos at Salvation Army, and sink the rest of the cash into beers. Swindlers. Cads. Rogues. Egads!

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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