Don’t tie for me, Argentina…

The flat-warming party was an unbridled success. Has a bridal shower ever been categorized as an unbridled success? Has there ever been ANYthing categorized as a bridled success? I think I need to close the blinds here at work…the sun is getting to me.

There, that’s better…anyway, I got some really cool gifts from the guests, that numbered in the tens. Wine and beer and food and mixers and paper plates took up the lion’s share of the prezzies, and I got a flower pot, a fantastically eclectic clock (took a hammer and nail and hung it up mid-party), some beer glasses and–are you ready for this?–ta-da! A tie!

How to un-Regis a Regis...

Yes, the Tie du Jour is a Tie du Gift, from Mark Clifton and his wife Travis. It’s from Saks Fifth Avenue, and it’s a really nice, silk khaki-colored tie. I thought I’d throw it with this new (to me) plaid shirt to give it some background music. Put it under my tan suit and it’s time for summer.

So, my net tie gain/loss for the party was -1, since I gave the Friday Freebie to winner-boy Paul Hletko and loaned another to David Tognarelli, who probably gave it to his cab-driver. My ties are apparently available for loan, so if one of them catches your fancy…

Well, it’s a short one today. Maybe if I see some ties out tonight I’ll add them to the post later on. Thanks for reading…



One Response to “Don’t tie for me, Argentina…”

  1. Paul Says:

    Ties rock! I oughta wear one sometime.

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