Weekend Edition, with a twist tie

So many tie-related items to report…and on a Sunday, no less.

First, we have a winner of the inaugural Friday Freebie. There were a whopping two candidates, both very enthusiastic respondents, I might add. As I believe I mentioned, Pam Daniels (wife of Guys With Tie alum, Mark Daniels) saw the tie on Friday morning and said that Mark should get it because she likes it. Another GWTer, Paul Hletko, posted a comment after Friday’s blog post that stated his wife would like it if she had the Friday Freebie. After careful consideration with our panel of corrupt judges, we carelessly considered that Mr Hletko followed the rules by posting on the site. Plus, he is an attorney and threatened litigation. Just kidding. About the litigation part.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

But, look how happy he is…everybody loves winning stuff. And somehow, the purple tie with dots-aplenty looks pretty good with the brown and white polo. Now, it is up to him to complete the contract and take a picture of himself wearing the FF to work.

What an exclusively designed tie looks like

So, last night I had a little soirée at the new flat, and I figured, as host, I should sport a tie. I chose this one to go with my gray button down. It’s from a designer named Central, and the label says ‘Exclusive Design.’ Hilarious…as if no other tie in the world is shaped this way, or has pinstripes. Despite its poorly worded label-subtitle, I really like this one…thin, plain-spoken & classic.

Even though it was not on the official party agenda, there was a tour of 100 Days, 100 Ties world HQ. Someone wondered aloud, “What does 100 ties even LOOK like?” and then we were off to the closet. They saw the growing mass of worn ties, and the tie rack and everything.

See David throw rock-n-roll symbols. Rock, Dave, Rock.

Besides 10 minutes of general time-wasting, the tour gave us a new member of the Guys With Ties club. David Tognarelli, who works at First Northern Credit Union in downtown Evanston, asked if he could borrow this one, which I wore a couple-three weeks ago.  David’s on the board of the Young Professionals of Evanston, a great organization with some really fun events–monthly and some bigger annual ones. Check ’em out…

I did receive a tie as a house-warming gift, from Mark & Travis Clifton. I’ll don the donation to my collection this week…

Speaking of the collection, I thought I’d count what I have left.

Yikes. 75 on the tie rack; 24 on a hanger that holds the vintage thinnies; 10 just hanging over the bar; and probably 4 or 5 at work, waiting for a day where I either forget to wear one (a 1/10 on the likely-t0-do-one-day scale) or spill soup or mustard on my tie (about a 7/10). That’s 113 or 114, NOT counting the heroic brethren of the worn, which number about 35. Right under 150, give or take…may as well give it, because I’ll blow through that number by the end of the month. May I say ‘Yikes’ again?

Thanks for reading…Brooke


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