It’s my party and I’ll tie if I want to…

Casual TieDay, Freebie Friday. Today I had a big decision: Which of my ties to sport and then give away. I think I picked a good one. Perhaps too good…

This tie can be YOURS! Just send three box tops...

It’s from Geoffrey Beene, and it’s a beauty. Purple with rows and rows of blue, white and purple dots. Knots well. I’ll miss it. It was a great find at Unique Thrift Store a few months back.

So, here’s the deal with the Friday Freebies on Freebie Friday: If you would like to have the tie, for yourself or for someone else, just post a comment, saying why you, or a loved or liked one, should get it. Pam Daniels, a fellow Lincoln parent, suggested this morning that her husband, Mark, should get it because she “likes that tie.” So far, folks, that’s a winner. If you’re local, I’ll deliver it. If you’re not local, or if you’re local and more than 1 suburb away, then I’ll drop it in the mail to you. Provided of course that you give me a valid mailing address.

I hope to do this every Friday, so please participate. At the very least, tell me to send/donate it to someone who never wears ties, etc. But by Monday, I hope to know who’s getting it.

Baby, you're a Star(r)

Today on the 8th Floor at One Rotary Center I ran into Steve Starr, a Chamber member who had been calling on a client. Steve owns Stephen B. Starr Design (yes, they are related), a graphic design/website design firm here in Evanston. Guys With Ties, baby.

Have a great weekend, everybody! Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “It’s my party and I’ll tie if I want to…”

  1. Paul Says:

    MY wife LOVES the tie and HATES my other ties. And she’s lovely. The heck with Mark…

  2. Stephen B. Starr Says:

    Loved the post, Brooke. I’m a bit anti-tie, so you caught me on the rare day when I was wearing one. Guys look good in ties… I think it’s more the comfort issue for me. On tie days, no matter how good or productive my day, I end up wrenching it off like I’ve been strangling. Aesthetics count, however!

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