This room looks like a pig tie…

Can I just start by saying, again, how much fun I’m having with my job and this blog? I’m sorry I keep coming back to it, but this morning was really cool. I took the morning off to take care of a couple of things and get some breakfast, and so I didn’t get all gussied up until about noon. I was warmly greeted by the brothers Kim, John & Brian, at Brothers K Cafe; John said, “Oh, Brooke’s goin’ casual today!” Then, at Fraiche, owner Susan Friedman, asked where my tie was…It’s really fun to have your wardrobe noticed.

Earlier today, a friend who works for the Trib suggested I should get into the writing biz. And, tonight at the Lincoln School Science Fair, I received one of the best compliments a quasi-fashion blogger could receive. One of the teachers said something to this effect: “You know, if I were a guy, I’d raid your closet, because you wear some really cool clothes.”

"Happy Easter": I heard that three times today

Anyway, on to the Tie du Jour. It’s a Polo from good old Ralph Lauren. Madras cotton through and through, and as preppy as heck. My brother and I actually wore this tie in high school; in fact, I think I may be able to find one of his school pictures in which he’s sporting it. It stayed at the house, moved to Florida with my parents, and recently made its way back to me. It’s really thin, which is in again, apparently. The madras was a good call today, as Ma Nature cranked it up over 80 degrees. The flower-in-her-hair byotch also gave us heavy winds, but we’ll take it.

Do not adjust your set

I credit my madras/seersucker combo for bringing on spring, of course. In past years it was my shorts that brought it on…

Speaking of seersucker, the suit (it’s a gray/white seersucker–this here is my blue/white seersucker blazer) will be making its 2010 debut pretty soon. I’ll probably fire up a bow tie, and maybe even a bow tie week, since I have exactly 5 bow ties. Perhaps the 2nd week of May…

Tomorrow, I will start the Friday Freebies. I’m going to give away my Friday ties from here on out. They won’t always be the best ties, but someone will want them. Feel free to suggest where I should mail it, be it to you or a friend…or an enemy.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


2 Responses to “This room looks like a pig tie…”

  1. Mo Says:

    i need advice real quicklike….what do we wear to a kentucky derby party saturday? VERY IMPORTANT!!!

  2. Stephen B. Starr Says:

    These posts ARE fun to read. I’d say your friend at the Trib. is spot on there, Brooke.

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