D’you want ties with that?

This morning I made a sales call to the McDonald’s on Dempster and Dodge. For whatever reason, I failed to snap a picture of Ali the site manager (argh!), but suffice to say that he was a very cool guy, and I look forward to having him and his team get involved in Chamber events.

This, along with the blog post title, is the perfect segue into a pledge that I made nearly 4 months ago. No, no, it was not a pledge to bore the reading public with tie-related miscellanea. It was, in fact, a January pledge that I refrain from eating French fries (freedom fries to the xenophobic demo) for the rest of the year.

One day I ate Edzo’s fries, and they were perfect. That night, we were at The Bagel at Old Orchard; I ordered a reuben with chips, but they brought fries with it. Instead of exercising my inalienable dining rights by sending the fries back, I started eating them. Though quite differently textured, they were quite perfect as well. The next day I just felt a bit sluggish; not Achy-Breaky Heart or anything, just like I was swimming thru Jell-O for the day. It has been almost 4 months. I have peered into the eyes of the dragon, and I have stared down the very best of the fire-breathing lizards…the aforementioned Edzo’s, Cross Rhodes, Steak-n-Shake, Jacky’s on Prairie (les frites looked merveilleuses!), even McDonald’s in a drive-thru bag, where they put them right near the top so you can steal them from your child’s Happy Meal at a stop light and stuff them into your face while you turn for home and…and…I’m okay. The drooling makes me type stream-of-consciousness, I guess.

Paisley...it's all in the details.

So, Tie du Jour, yes…kinda shaped like a fry, come to think about it. I went with another from Chaps, and I really dig this combo. I hope that no one remembers that it’s Freebie Friday and that this brown and beautiful blue paisley number is up for grabs for whoever writes the best comment. I hope that, one day, I can recreate this shirt/tie pairing; for some reason I just thought the blues made some great music together.

Found a veritable treasure trove of bow ties this morning, at a chance visit to the Hadassah House Resale Shop in Skokie. It’s on Dempster, right across from the Skokie Swift CTA station. They had 3 silk bow ties (2 of them were from Beau Ties of Vermont), and now I’m dying to wear them. I think I’ll wear one later next week, and will use that Bow Tie du Jour to announce Bow Tie Week, for the week of the 17th. Huzzah!

Well, I guess I should have saved the Riddler for tonight, because I haven’t any more Guys With Ties. I’ll make it up to you over the weekend. Promise.

Thanks so much for reading on a Friday, or a Saturday or whenever.

Cheers, Brooke


3 Responses to “D’you want ties with that?”

  1. Paul Says:

    Another fine specimen! I’m DQ’d but NICE TIE.

  2. Phoenix Says:

    Give me that tie – I will wear it and nothing else.

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