Brown-tied Girl…

Well, they’re hazel actually…and I’m a guy.

What can Brown do for you?

Well, if you live in Cleveland, Jim Brown, of your football Browns, could have given you several reasons to watch professional football, back in the 60s.

If you live in California, Jerry Brown could have served you as governor of your fine state. He wasn’t a bodybuilder or a box-office movie star, like the Austrian dude who currently serves you, but he is your Attorney General and is attempting to terminate the incumbent.

If you are pondering an Ivy League education, and the post-graduate sense of satisfaction that goes along with it, Brown University is your place.

If you are a cruel, power-hungry 6-8 year old, and you yearn for a sucker to try to kick a football that you hold tantalizingly a thousand times, only for you to yank it away at the last second, then Charlie Brown is your fool.
And PS…Lucy, you’re a byotch.

How now, brown cow (with orange and maroon spots/stripes)?

My Tie du Jour, with its brown background with orange and maroon stripes, got me thinking brown today. It’s from BCBG, their ‘Attitude’ line. If memory serves (and if my Gingko Biloba helps in that service), I got this from Crossroads Trading. I think one of my Ties du Last Week was from Crossroads, too. So bully for them.

What about Bob?

We have an entry for Guys With Ties, taken over the weekend at Dominick’s at Dempster & Dodge. Store manager Bob Devereux, who is a very friendly guy, was kind enough to pose; plus, he was fashionable enough to mention that he wished he had worn one of his favorite ties. Oh, well, next time, Bob.

Have a great week, everyone. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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