Bye, bye, Miss American Tie…

Great day. Great. Day.

Nutshell. Received emailed membership application, just after midnight. Hosted successful Networking Breakfast. Got Julia to school on time, fed and happy. Made a potentially major connection between two members. Sold a major sponsorship for one of the Chamber’s annual awards. Had a perfect patty melt at Edzo’s with two of my buds. Welcomed a new member to Chamber HQ, who brought a check. Got Julia to soccer practice on time. Met with same business owner from aforementioned post-midnight email. Picked up Julia from soccer practice on time. Received phone call from the aforementioned business owner from aforementioned post-midnight email. Perhaps sold him on the idea of an even MORE major sponsorship, like maybe 10X bigger.

So, Burglar. Thanks for the karma. Hope my wedding ring that you stole is stuck on your finger and that your girlfriend (who doesn’t like you anyway because you’re a miserable thief) gets pissed off at you for being married.

Too bad, you're plaid

Okay, on to the tie at hand (this IS, after all, a tie blog). May have to think of it as a lucky tie, I guess, after the day I had.

Well, the Tie du Jour is from Cignal. It’s purple, black and orange with a little white thrown in there. Sounds hideous, but ties are enjoyed with the eyes, not the ears, so hopefully you’ll agree that those colors work together here.

Unfortunately, my gingko biloba usage merely started yesterday, so my previously accumulated memory loss ensures that I don’t recall which visit to which thrift store brought this tie into my closet. This may be closing-barn-door late, but perhaps I should mark ties as they come in; or, what if I go through the remaining ties, figuring out which came from where? I’ll figure it out.

At the aforementioned Networking Breakfast, we had a bunch of attendees sporting ties. And, kids, do you know what that means: Multiple Guys With Ties! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Even on a Tuesday, that’s fun to say.

Okay, sorry…I was all set to get this out before midnight last evening, but I kept dozing off. After I typed this “kjjjjjjjjjjkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” I figured that it would be a good time to finish in the morhgi. See…that was supposed to be ‘morning’. Good night.

Alex Vizzy in the hizzy!

Bonjour, buongiorno, buenos dias. Hopefully, I’m well-rested enough to avoid typing errors such as last eveninhdsis. Ah, that’s better.

Our first GWT is Alex Voschenkov, a brand spankin’ new member of the Chamber. Alex V, as he advises most call him, is with Interface Financial Group, who offer alternate financing to small and medium sized businesses.

The streak of light across Joe's face can ONLY be accomplished by an amateur photog

GWT II is Joseph Pizzo, who is a photographer who owns Joseph Studios, which shares space with Ayla’s Originals, an international bead bazaar on Sherman Avenue. Oh, and Joe and Ayla…they’re married. Kind of intimidating taking a picture of a professional photographer with an iPhone camera.

Who can make a rainbow?

Our last Guy With Tie is David Levine, owner of Illinois Nut & Candy on Dempster in Skokie. Walking into the store is like a dream for kids–and adults–of all ages. The showroom is choc (candy pun) full of delicious indulgences in every shape and size. He is a marketing and networking expert, and, yes, gosh darnit, I’ll admit that I hope he gives me a free piece of chocolate for putting him in 100 Days, 100 Ties.

Thanks for reading…Brooke


One Response to “Bye, bye, Miss American Tie…”

  1. Mom Says:

    nonspellers – untie! or is it unite, or tieun? help!!

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