Tie one, get one free…

Sometimes flowers are all one needs to feel better. The flower brings spring to vivid, sensory life. One of my favorite things to do is to ‘steal’ a sniff of a still-planted flower–I do it quite infrequently, but it’s like you’re connecting with the earth, Avatar-style. The Merrick Rose Garden here in Evanston is a must-visit; after driving by it for over a decade, I finally walked through a couple of years ago with Julia. It’s so worth the time, and I bet you’ll spend more time there than you thought you would.

April showers bring April flowers

Well, the Tie du Jour doesn’t have roses, but it still elicits enough spring thoughts. And that smell? My Speed Stick, from Mennen. Not quite as spring-y.

It’s from a label that I’ve never heard of…Giampiero. One of hundreds of Italian tie makers, there is another label that may explain the TdJ a bit more. The designers felt it necessary to put an additional label that says “Made in Como.” Como, Italy. I wasn’t aware that Como was such a hotbed of tie-making activity, but judging by this one I’d give it a second try.

Friends can be flowers sometimes, in just about any season. I’m typing this on a friend’s computer, loaned to me after the, ahem, burglary. I’ve had a fantastic outpouring of support after the break-in, from folks offering words of encouragement, to offers to go open up a can of Whoop-Ass™ on the perp, to an offer for Julia and me to stay at their home. It’s just great to know that friends surround me, and I’m sure it’ll be great for you to know that I won’t be smelling any of them. Even if they wear Mennen Speed Stick, too.

So, I was about to close out the blog, but I went over and did a quick google of ‘tie-flower’, thinking I may find a flower with the word ‘tie’ in its name. Given the springtime, I may have found something even better. There is a WikiHow post on how to tie a clover chain. Should be a few of those around, wherever you may be.

Have a wonderful Saturday, reading about Friday’s tie. Thanks for reading…Brooke


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